Written by Coryn Littler

January 2, 2020

Strength Exercises

The thruster is essentially a front squat followed by a push press. While our front squat would have our feet shoulder width apart and for our push press we would be in the jumping stance with our feet underneath our hips, for the thruster, we will be working with our feet underneath our shoulders!

You will normally have to start with the bar on the ground and then clean it up. Depending on the standard that your coach has set, you may be able to squat clean the bar up and then press it up to complete your first repetition.

Below is the rack position for the Front Squat. If we were to start out of the rack, this is how you could look however note that in our movement we will be dipping the elbows a bit in order to put shoulders and triceps behind the movement more.

Hit the low position of the squat reaching the standard that is set. Below I have hit hip crease below the top of the knee.

Explode out from the squat and keep your back as upright as possible – elbows will be slightly dropped below parallel.

As soon as you reach extension, begin to press up – try not to press too soon. We want to carry the momentum from our powerful front squat into this movement. In the press, remember to bob your head out of the way to make way for the bar.

In the press, finish with arms fully locked out to complete the repetition.

If you are continuing for successive reps, fall back into the rack position, catching the bar on your shoulder shelf, then sinking into a front squat again.

Remember to seek the advice of your fitness trainer, medical and/or allied health professionals, if you are new to exercise or have an injury or medical condition to consider.

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