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Bench Press

Written by admin

January 2, 2020

Strength Exercises

Bench Press is a great compound exercise for the arms and chest, but the more we learn about Bench Press, the more we can bring other parts of our body in to get a bigger lift.

For this first demo, I will be adopting a powerlifters stance with my feet flat on the ground (note, some standards may only require toes on the ground), my but is firmly on the bench and I have a large gap in my lower back, raising my chest as high as I can get it. My head must remain on the bench throughout the entire lift. Here I am setting my hands by squeezing my shoulders together and activating my rhomboids.

As soon as I grip the bar to rack out, I Am trying to pull the bar apart. This should also help to ensure that I lift it evenly.

Notice that the point below that I hit on my chest is not at the nipple line – it is a bit lower and closer to my top 2 abdominals. Some competitions may require a 2 second pause here.

With no bounce, I am then ready to press this off my chest straight up in the most direct path possible.



Flat Bench

Below I am not adopting the arched back powerlifters stance and I am keeping my back flatter on the bench.


In this case, I am going closer to the nipple line on my chest before pressing up again.

Press straight up while trying to pull the bar apart engaging the back muscles as well as the chest.

Remember to seek the advice of your fitness trainer, medical and/or allied health professionals, if you are new to exercise or have an injury or medical condition to consider.

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