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“Even if you‘re on the right track, you‘ll get run over if you just sit there.” – Will Rogers

Study with the support and guidance of Fitness Institute’s team of qualified study coaches who can not only give you structured feedback on all your submissions, they can sign off on practical assessments as well!

Receive tutoring sessions every couple of weeks that take you through any of your upcoming assessments and have a team of accomplished fitness professionals in your corner to work with you to ensure you have the help you need to get your fitness qualifications completed….

We’ll get you on the Inside Track, then on the Right Track so you can complete your Fitness Journey!

Fitness Institute’s VIP Support Pack is the perfect addition to your Certificate III and IV in Fitness, especially if you are looking for extra motivation during your course and/or don’t have access to a reliable trainer in your home town to view and sign off on practical sessions.

Benefit from:

  • The detailed feedback from the Fitness Institute Training and Assessment team
  • practical assessments signed off by video submissions sent via Google Chat or Messenger
  • Scheduled support phone sessions to assist with questions and assessment preparation

The cost of this unique support system can be added to your existing contract – call the team on 1300 434 863 to boost your skills!!!

Specific resources are still required:

  • You will need a commercial health club membership and approval to train clients, complete practicals and work experience hours in a sport, fitness or recreation facility
  • Smart phone (ideally less than 3 years old) and a smart phone tripod is highly recommended

See more on Fitness Institute’s Certificate III & IV in Fitness HERE.

Personal Trainer Course VIP Support Pack