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Welcome to The Fitness Institute! We are a Registered Training Organisation delivering the following courses:

We will get you started on your career change now! When we began building our training organisation, we know that we didn’t want to offer just any fitness qualification. We wanted to offer the most diverse and realistic training opportunity that we could provide.

Our Personal Training Courses are not a copy of what other organisations are doing. Our course encourage the latest in fitness training practices to ensure that your training is inspired by the latest ideas that are out today.

We encourage a high level of a hands on approach, which we believe is the best way of learning for the fitness industry.


We also will teach sales techniques that will benefit you, and your future business as you move forward in your career.

Our course was developed by:

  • Exercise and Sports Scientists
  • Exercise Physiologists
  • Exercise Specialists / Therapists
  • MBA Business Managers
  • ASCA Strength and Conditioning Coaches
  • Personal Trainers (Fitness Australia and ESSS)
  • Group Fitness Trainers (Les Mills)
  • Bootcamp Instructors
  • CrossFit Trainers

For this reason, we believe that our training package is one of the most comprehensive on the market, and most of our authors are still delivering the course to our face to face and online students today.

We know how to succeed. Our record in fitness training speaks for itself. We have a proven record of helping people achieve their fitness goals and are passionate about training people who can produce those same results.

We are focused. We are committed to helping you achieve your goals. On completion of your studies with the Fitness Institute you will be qualified to register and work as a Personal Trainer – straight away! Our course will give you a wide range of employment opportunities that can provide enormous personal and financial rewards.

Our course is complete. You will receive the qualification that you need to be able to work in the Fitness Industry. As experienced and current leaders in the local health and fitness industry, we have carefully designed a course that combines both Certificate 3 (SIS30315) & Certificate 4 (SIS40215) in Fitness.

Your studies will provide you with exceptional base knowledge of the core principals of the fitness industry along with unique and valuable practical experience designed to set you apart from the rest.

We are committed to excellence . We only settle for being the best. We have taken great care to ensure the highest levels of quality are maintained as we deliver this to you face to face and via hands on experience. Our Face to Face course is offered over a 20 week period and our online course is offered over a 52 week period.