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We want to share the financial opportunities we are receiving by offering a $250 CASH reward to all new Student Referrals for our Cert III & Cert IV In Fitness.

The team at Fitness Institute are proud to offer such a great initiative and are eager to work alongside industry professionals to ensure the enhancement of the industry.

Program Benefits and kickbacks for successful referrals:

  • $250 – Certificate III & IV in Fitness Combo
  • $125 – Certificate III in Fitness OR Certificate IV in Fitness
  • $30 – Group Exercise Leader
  • Receive free posters and marketing material
  • Brand Cross Promotion on Social Media Platforms
  • Ability to mentor students as required by your business

payments of $250 cash

Paid via EFT to ANYONE referring a New Student that signs up!

no referral limit

To the number of friends you can refer! Send FOUR friends our way and receive $1000

know SOMEONE that would make a great pt?

Get in touch with us so we can register your business with a referral code!


if student signs up to Paid in full (pif) course cash is available within 14 days

if student signs up on payment plan cash paid after the initial $250 paid by referer

must have referer’s name, gym & phone number in the enquiry form under referral code