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Full Comprehensive Course!

Written by Marina Power

I am a Marketing & Media Co-ordinator here at Fitness Insitute. I have always loved and have been active in the Health & Fitness Industry. I enjoy being able to design and create content to share with you all. Enjoy 🌞

September 1, 2020



This is a biggy!

We provide FULL COMPREHENSIVE COURSES here at Fitness Institute.

Why? Because we believe that by not ‘cherry-picking’ requirements in the Certificate III in Fitness and actually doing the really important subjects like Workplace Health & Safety, Risk Management and Group Fitness, you will become a much better educated and employable Personal Trainer at the end of your dual qualification. We want our students to come out of our courses ready to be the best PT possible!

⛔What risks are involved if you don’t complete the FULL Certificate III in Fitness?
Recent studies have indicated a number of issues surrounding this such as, Professionals being ‘under-educated’ or having inadequate risk management training. As a result professionals that are lacking experience or training due to not completing a fully comprehensive course, increase the risks associated in the industry.

So, Start your month off right –
GET STARTED WITH US TODAY and study our online pt course.

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