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Reward yourself, you deserve it!

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Written by Marina Power

I am a Marketing & Media Co-ordinator here at Fitness Insitute. I have always loved and have been active in the Health & Fitness Industry. I enjoy being able to design and create content to share with you all. Enjoy 🌞

September 3, 2020


Make it a good habit to reward yourself for your hard work whether it be in study or day to day life.. This sets up a subconscious link between hard work and reward.
Ensure your reward is a healthy one – something that you enjoy because you can do it guilt-free, you’ve earnt it! Maybe you never find the guilt-free time to sit down and watch your favourite Netflix series or go for a walk along the beach.
This work-and-reward cycle, if you get it right can lead to a stronger retention of study information, so do something that will personally motivate you to head in the right direction for success.
You can also reward yourself with a new career – check out our online PT Courses here