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Are you studying online?

Written by philip


August 24, 2020



If you are studying online or from home, this one is for you!

Our Study Tip #1 πŸ“–

Have a dedicated study space!

Whether you have a space in your office or living room, set your area up so that it will be free of distractions and available to use at any time.

Keep the area around it clean and tidy (I know this can be a hard one, but you’ll thank us for it later😊)

Ensure the space creates a clear and calm mind so that when you are ready to knuckle down you can do it with ease. A clean & clear space will also make it easier to get into the “work mode” which is vital to enable you to produce your best work.

Ensure you have no interruptions or distributions, close your front door, silence your phone…..Even move it to another area to eliminate the temptations.

When you have so much going on around you it is so easy to get sidetracked or lose concentration and motivation. If you keep these small tips in mind it can help you to succeed in your studying journey.

Remember FOCUS = KEY!


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