Rachel Romeo – Hard work pays off!

Written by Coryn Littler

January 2, 2020


Well Done Rachel on behalf of the Fitness Institute. Hard work and dedication has paid off. Rachel was such a conscientious student who was eager to learn and is now able to work in the industry she feels so passionate about!

We asked Rachael to share her fitness journey and experiences studying and you can see Rachael’s story below!

“What an experience! I cannot thank the guys at Fitness Institute enough for their constant support and guidance throughout this great course.

This course provided an in depth knowledge on the fitness industry and how it works whilst being hands on in a gym.

I have always been a more practical and observant learner which made this course perfect for me – all the hands on work in the gym improved my knowledge to a much higher level.

Fitness Institute was so flexible, which was important to me as I had a full time job in other town. The guys at Fitness Institute constantly provided me with support even back in my home town.

Thank you so much again to everyone at Fitness Institute Townsville! Everyone should give the Fitness Institute a go – you won’t be disappointed!”

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