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Student Spotlight – Taylah Russell

Written by Kristine Beissner

July 22, 2023

Students | Testimonials

We recently caught up with Fitness Institute student Taylah Russell who has just completed the Certificate III in Fitness and is now powering through the Certificate IV in Fitness!

Taylah was kind enough to share with us her inspiration for being a Personal Trainer and what follows is an insight into Taylah’s motivation and journey!

What initially drew you to the fitness industry?

I started my journey into health and fitness over 3 years ago and since then have lost 30KG.

I was drawn to the fitness industry when I started prioritising movement for myself.

After 2 full term pregnancies and births, I was aware my strength and stability to do day to day tasks had declined.

Once I achieved my personal and physical development goals, I felt a burning desire to help others reach their goals.

Since starting my Cert 3 and 4, this desire has grown more and more each day.

I have realised this is only the start of my fitness journey and I am excited for the future!

What did you enjoy learning about the most?   

I enjoyed learning about the anatomy of the human body as this benefited my own training.

This then helped me better understand the human body on a deeper level and gave me the ability to pass on clearer information to others.

I believe there is a lot of insightful and beneficial information, links, videos and surveys throughout the Cert III and I really liked that we were able dive into subjects that interest us further.

What advice would you offer to students and what motivates you?


There’s always two ways to do things, realise this before you have to reflect on it. I believe we have two options in life – to learn or not to learn or to add to our current state or stay the same.

If we realise we are here to learn, we are able to achieve great things as we focus on expanding our knowledge. If we do not realise this, we will get to the end of our life and have to reflect on why things never changed.
I have a passion for physical movement of the human body, and a passion for progression. I also have a desire to help people understand the things they are capable of achieving.

I don’t know where my path is going right now, but I know it’s going to be somewhere great, and I know I will help a lot of people along the way.

I am also happy to be exactly where I am at because this stage of the journey is fun and exciting and I would suggest to anyone reading this, who has the same passions or desires, and for whom this resonates, to follow their dreams and dive into the career they really want to be in….

 Do you have any favourite inspirational quotes to share?

  • “If your goals don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough.”
  • “When looking for your purpose or unique genius in life, look around at what you do every day without fail. The thing that no one has to remind you to do, the thing you practice without being prompted – focus on that thing.”
  • “Become the CEO of your own life and body.”
  • “Be the main character of your life.”


Thanks so much for sharing your story Taylah, we wish you all the very best for your fitness journey!

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