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Step up to the next level of Personal Training!

We know all qualified Personal Trainers share our commitment to quality service, a fitness lifestyle and being the best we can be!

Fitness Institute’s Diploma of Fitness has been developed by Advanced Trainers for Advanced Trainers.

This is continuing education and personal development designed to lift, challenge and reward you!

The Diploma of Fitness qualifies students to deliver advanced exercise programs and is a pathway to a diverse range of careers in Sports, Fitness and Recreation facilities, aquatic and recreation centres, community fitness hubs, outdoor training zones as well as business ownership.

Graduates specialise in Advanced Training and Management and learn to mentor and support a team of fitness professionals in business and technical skills.

This qualification is perfect for Personal Trainers who want to further their knowledge in planning, conducting and evaluating advanced exercise programs using the principles of advanced anatomy and physiology and program design.

Graduates are also eligible for 20 CEC points with Fitness Australia.

Advanced Training skills

Developed in the Diploma of Fitness include developing and delivering Advanced Strength and Conditioning training techniques, Health Promotion Activities and Injury Prevention strategies.

Skills you will learn include:

  • Advanced first aid to manage a range of complex situations in the community and workplace
  • Developing and delivering seminars and interventions for general and specific populations
  • Performing gait analysis and functional movement screens as well as how to implement and develop injury prevention strategies
  • Performing Advanced Exercise Sessions with real-world clients and athletes with specific sporting goals
  • Developing long-term training programs and use current technology, programs and applications to enhance training programs
  • Anatomy and Physiology to the level required to deliver advanced exercise programs with a deeper understanding of the effects of injury, ageing and disease on the body and how to accommodate them
Management skills

Developed in this qualification include marketing and sales, business analysis, financial management, budgets, project work, recruitment, performance management and team development.

Skills you will learn include:

  • Basic accounting principles, cash flow projections, emergency management and improving cash flow
  • Conducting interviews, preparing job descriptions, recruiting and selecting team members
  • Managing a team of people and preparing performance improvement plans and skills matrix
  • Preparing project management plans and using a range of project management tools
  • Performing a Risk Audit and implementing Risk Management strategies
  • Conducting effective meetings and communication strategies to increase teamwork and networking
  • Improving marketing plans and implementing a marketing strategy
  • Preparing personal and professional development plans that enhance career and business option

To commence the Diploma of Fitness, participants will need to have held a Certificate IV of Fitness for over 12 months and have at least one year of fitness industry experience in applying the skills and knowledge obtained.

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Like you, we like to challenge ourselves physically, emotionally and mindfully every single day, believing that by inspiring change in the lives of others, we can change the world – well…. maybe just a little and in our own humble way…..

That’s why we developed our Diploma of Fitness and invested quality time in making interesting, relevant content and assessments that are easy to follow and fun to do!

Completing the Diploma in Fitness will not only unlock the secrets of how to manage a business, yourself and team members, you’ll also discover what’s required to be an Advanced Personal Trainer – so that next time that opportunity you’ve been waiting for comes along, you’re ready to take it, with all the confidence and competence the Diploma of Fitness can provide!

When you’re invested, we’re invested and we’ll support you every step, leap and bound along the way!

Like Walt Disney and Rocky Balboa said “keep moving forward” and like Big Arnie says, “Come aannn…What are you waiting for?”…..

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Diploma of Fitness
Business Units

Business Stage 01 - Managing Budgets
BSBFIM501 – Manage budgets and financial options
Business Stage 02 - Recruitment
BSBHRM405 – Support the recruitment selection and induction of staff
Business Stage 03 - Managing People
BSBMGT502 – Manage people performance
Business Stage 04 - Marketing
BSBMG510 – Implement and monitoring marketing activities
Business Stage 05 - Project Work
BSBPMG522 – Undertake project work
Business Stage 06 - Manage Risk
BSBRSKS01 – Manage risk
Business Stage 07 - Communication
COCOMO 2 – Use communication to build relationships
Business Stage 08 - Professional Practice
HPRP 03 – Reflect on and improve own professional active


Diploma of Fitness
Advanced Trainer Units

Fitness Stage 00- Getting Started
HLTAID006 – Provide advanced first aid (obtained externally)
Fitness Stage 01- Evidence Based Practice
SISFFITO28 – Apply evidence-based practice to excercise program
Fitness Stage 02 - Health Promotion
SISFFITO27 – Conduct health promotion activities
HLTPOP014 – Assess readiness for and effect behaviour change
Fitness Stage 03 - Injury Prevention
SISFFIT031 – Implement injury prevention strategies
Fitness Stage 04 - Advanced Programs
SISFFIT030 – Instruct advanced exercise programs
SISXICT001- Select and use technology for sports, fitness and recreation work
SISSSTC301A – Instruct Strength and concerning techniques
SISSSTC402A – Develop strength and conditioning programs
Fitness Stage 05 - Anatomy and Physiology
SISFFIT029 – Apply anatomy and physiology to advanced personal training


Note: To enrol in the SIS50215 – Diploma of Fitness, you must have a Certificate IV in Fitness plus at least 1 year of experience in the application and knowledge of the Certificate IV in Fitness.

  • 20 Scheduled 30 minute outbound calls with a Fitness Professional
  • Extensive feedback on assessment items
  • Video observation and feedback of practicals
  • Students with limited access to industry support and guidance or who need help with assessments due to course Learning, Literacy and Numeracy requirements are recommended to add the VIP Support pack.
  • Only an additional $990
    • $4,280 for VIP Paid in Full
    • $4,840 for VIP Investment Plan ($95 per week)
    • $4,840 for VIP Investment Plan ($190 per fortnight)