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Fitness Institute offer the SISSS00113 – GEL skillset online

Have you ever dreamed of being on stage and presenting amazing choreographed group fitness classes?

 If you have the goal of presenting and motivating classes to pre-choreographed music,  then the Group Exercise Leader (GEL) skillset is for you!

 This course combines with recognised pre-choreographed training such as Mossa, Les Mills, Radical or Zumba.

 On completion, you will be eligible to to become a Registered Group Exercise Leader with organisations like National Peak Fitness Registration Body, Fitness Australia.

Example of a Pre-choreographed class – Mossa’s Group Power


The course will include the following units:

  • HLTWHS001 – Participate in workplace health and safety
  • SISFFIT009 – Deliver pre-choreographed or prescribed community fitness
  • SISFFIT010 – Deliver pre-choreographed or prescribed group exercise to music
  • SISXCCS001 – Provide Quality Service

Note: HLTAID001 – Provide Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and HLTAID003 – Provide First Aid are both highly recommended to complete before registering as a Group Exercise Leader (required externally)

  • Completion of a pre-choreographed course through an external provider such as:
    • MOSSA
    • Les Mills
    • Radical
    • Zumba
  • Additional Work Placement
    • 3 hours costomer service
    • 5 hours participation in pre-choreographed classes taught by another instructor.
    • 3 hours teaching pre-choreographed classes


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Can I run freestyle classes?

No, the GEL skillset will only qualify you for pre-choreographed group fitness classes.

If you want to run freestyle classes, you will need to complete at minimum the Certificate III in Fitness.

If you do want to design your own fitness classes and obtain a greater knowledge of anatomy, physiology, group instruction and exercise prescription in the near future, you should consider the Certificate III & IV in Fitness which is a pathway to becoming a qualified Gym Supervisor and Personal Trainer.

Read more about the differences between Group Exercise Leader and Group Exercise Instructor Qualification HERE. 

I already have a Certificate III in Fitness. Do I require a GEL Certification?

As registration, insurance and employment requirements differ between organisations, we recommend contacting professional registration organisations, employers and/or insurers directly for their specific requirements.

Can I complete a Certificate III in Fitness later?

Yes you can, and these units can be counted as credit towards a Certificate III in Fitness. 

How quickly can I complete this course?

This will vary for each student depending on:

  • Completion of the external certification (some require more work than others). 
  • Completion of all learning and coursework.
  • Completion of all work placement (11 hours)

A good guide would be to allow at least 3 weeks to complete all work.

All students will have 5 months to complete this course.

If the course is not completed withing 5 months, students can purchase an extension for one program stage. 

What are the entry requirements?

While there are no formal entry requiremets, we would recommend the following:

  • Be at leaest 16 years of age
  • Familiarity with the group fitness class you intend on teaching. 
  • Access to a mentor who has at least a GEL or Certificate III in Fitness qualification plus the required pre-choreographed certification you intend on doing. 
  • Completing your First Aid Course (before registering or working as a GEL instructor). 
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    Excellent customer service; from Sarah, to Jaimee, to Kristine, the team members have been supportive, friendly, consistent and professional in every step of my journey with Fitness Institute.
    Consider that I had a terrible urgency in getting my GEL qualification, and I admit - I bothered them MANY times.
    Did they react nervously or lose their patience? No!
    They've been amazing all the time, super-patient, super-helpful.
    I have experience in teaching customer service, and let me tell you: EXCELLENT JOB!
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