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Fitness Business Expertise – Quality Service

Written by Kristine Beissner

January 2, 2020


There’s something about this quote that just resonates..

“If you have a goal to deliver an experience so great that the customer will return and recommend you, then you’re on the path to success.” – Shep Hyken

An experience is many things… In terms of customer service, it’s the impression we make on others – an impression that results in a sale, renewed business, referral or lost opportunity…

The Certificate III and IV in Fitness, Diploma of Fitness, Certificate IV in Weight Management and even the Group Exercise Leader qualification incorporate Service, Leadership and Business skills in various ways….

We’ve often been asked the question, “why doesn’t a Fitness Qualification just contain Fitness subjects?”

Well, we believe the answer to that question is that we are in the Fitness Business!

We offer products and services that support the physical and mindful health and well being of those in our communities and to be successful, we need to:

  1. be able to promote what we do
  2. to be able to attract and motivate people to keep moving!

What follows is an insight into the value of understanding how and why delivering Quality Service is essential in any occupation….


Expectations of what is “good” customer service varies from person to person.

It is for everyone though, the very “human experience” that captures how we interact with each other… an experience that can only be enhanced when we understand the importance and value of listening, discussion, empathy, options, taking notes, manners, showing respect and following up promptly…..


The way others see us can be different than what we intend, so it’s important to think about how we create a positive first impression.

Holding someone’s interest, confidence and trust is not always easy, but if your livelihood or career relies on doing just this, practicing how to do this is highly recommended.

It’s expected that we know all about our products and services. A good first step is to learn everything you can about each service your business provides and where you can find extra information if needed.

Self assess or if you are brave, seek the advice of others. Record and refine how you speak, the words you use (or over use), your vocal quality, appearance and body language to ensure you always appear how people expect: professional, interested and an authentic representative of your occupation and business….


Highly successful service and sales people tend to be passionate, upbeat, energetic, enthusiastic, confident, motivated, empathetic, problem solving people with self-belief and persistence.

They are also excited by achieving targets and show a genuine interest in who they are talking to.

For many of us, these attributes are not second nature, but they can be learned and developed – we just need to understand their value and employ them at every opportunity…..


You don’t have long to make an impression – you may have just seconds!

It’s quite sobering to think that whilst many of us love to use words, most of what we say without saying is in our body language...

An authentic smile (or lack of), confident body posture, ability to maintain an “eye to eye” (without being intimidating) as well as appearing attentive and engaged – all really matter and all really make a difference.

Our tone of voice is another way we convey meaning to others – how many times have we heard someone say, “it’s not what was said, it’s how they said it.”

And even though our words may not be high on the how we communicate list… the words we choose are still really, really important. 

There are negative and positive word choices Both make an impression and leave people feeling a certain way… We highly recommend researching what these words are and practice using them or removing them as needed… and remember – no matter how trendy a word is right now… and how much we enjoy using it – its effect will wear off quickly and loose its specialness if we over use it…

Know your audience the type of language used in one context by a specific presenter may not work or fit you and your clientele. Profanity, strong opinions, controversy and gossip for example are not to everyone’s taste. If you are confident that everyone in your team or group are comfortable with this, then sure, but at the very least, using inappropriate language or content with who you’re with can create a lasting impression that defines you and interfere with your intended message. It can also see you loosing them – in that moment or forever….

Know what you don’t know, then learn how to do it….. Get to know more about people and your craft….become a student of body language….expand your vocabulary and add variation to your delivery …. and be prepared to adapt if at first you do not succeed……


The following strategies are considered some of the many “staples” for providing quality face to face or phone service:

  • Answering the phone by the third ring and acknowledging people who are waiting in a welcoming way – smiling helps, big time …
  • Speak clearly and steadily – it’s really hard to understand and be engaged when people are speaking too fast… or too slow…
  • Give an insight into what you are going to do when asking someone to wait – it’s also nice to ask permission first as it shows you respect their time…
  • Practice delivering a friendly yet professional greeting – relaxed, but not overly familiar…
  • Be in a good mood – not over the top mind you – just genuinely happy to be there…
  • Be prepared to write down information and clarify understanding…
  • Learn what being well mannered, respectful and professional looks and feels like, to you and others…

One last thought...

We often think of customers in terms of those who can purchase goods and services from us – that there’s a financial transaction to be made…

This is of course technically true, but it’s also worth considering the interactions and influence we have with everyone in business and in life.

Co-workers, visitors, family, friends and even people we haven’t been introduced to yet – can all help us along the path to success…

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