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Collaborating with Allied Health Professionals…

Written by Kristine Beissner

January 2, 2020


Emmett technique is a unique body therapy that eases pain and discomfort while improving movement and mobility. Using light touch to provide a simple and safe series of muscle releases, Gail & Karen from Body Alignment Centre, stopped by to show us how it works.

Boxing Training is one of the best exercises to get fitter and stronger, plus it’s very exciting to do! Fighting Fit for Life workshops are designed to bring out the best in everyone by breaking down every move and step with easy to follow instructions.

Accredited Nutritionist, Ellen Delaney from The Naturopath & the Nutritionist shared her thoughts on eating for health and fitness and Megan Simmonds from Performance Physio Group discussed the importance of core stability and control.

As Trainers, Coaches and Instructors it’s important to develop an extensive network of Medical and Allied Health Professionals because sometimes we and our clients need more support and advice to achieve their goals.

Over the last month, Fitness Institute H.Q. has been host to a range of Allied Health Professionals workshops.

We were joined by Remedial Massage Therapists, Karen MacKenzie and Gail Illingsworth who demonstrated the Emmett Technique. We listened to words of wisdom from Accredited Nutritionist Ellen Delaney and Physiotherapist Megan Simmonds, plus we were shown some impressive boxing technique by experienced Personal Trainer and Registered Professional Boxer, David Bridgman.

We’ve all learned so much and will be updating our online course content with more information on how to improve flexibility, strength and fitness by collaborating with Medical and Allied Health Professionals!

See some of the highlights from some our recent Allied Health Professional visits below!

Fitness Australia are strong advocates for forming professional relationships with MAAHP’s and have developed a range of resources with consultation with fitness service providers, General Practitioners, Sports Physicians, Physiotherapists, Exercise Physiologists and other health professionals. Learn more on how Fitness Professionals can connect and work together with Medical and Allied Health Professionals with Fitness Australia’s Referral Kit.

More details on the courses conducted at H.Q. are available HERE.

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