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Succeeding at Online Training

Written by Kristine Beissner

January 2, 2020


There are many reasons why online training is fast becoming the preferred option for educators and students around Australia – it’s convenient, cost-effective and accessible.

We’ve asked some of our online students to share what’s kept them motivated and it’s clear from theirs and our experiences in virtual and real classrooms, study success relies on being organised, disciplined and self-motivated and it’s enhanced by the social networks and connections we develop.

And yes, it is do-able….

Successful completion of online training requires the same ingredients as achieving any long term goal – discipline, organisation and motivation, plus it helps to have a support network to assist, support and understand the often challenging process of studying.

We see this recipe for success in students all around Australia, so we asked some of our recent Certificate III and IV online graduates, to share what and who helped motivate them to keep going, stay committed and ultimately achieve their goals,….

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Kaylee – Western Australia

Kaylee will tell you – “Hard work pays off!”
Discovering a passion for Health and Fitness in 2016, Kaylee started working towards a career in fitness by completing the Certificate III and IV of Fitness.
Helped along the way by mentor and Animal Flow Trainer, Paul of The Movement Fitness and Wellbeing, Kaylee learned valuable service and functional movement techniques on the way to realising her goal of becoming a fully qualified personal trainer.
Drawing further inspiration from her coach Shelby, Kaylee learned to set goals and balance work and life in order to achieve both personal and professional goals.
Kaylee’s favourite quote is from Dr Suess – “Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.”

Martin – Victoria

Leaving behind a 20 year retail career, Martin started working as a Yoga Instructor and studying the Certificate III of Fitness to gain a wider knowledge of how the body works and broaden his view of health and fitness.
Drawing inspiration from his wife Ally and mentor Jess from the Ox Effect, Martin is looking forward to teaching other styles of group fitness classes and continuing to learn, grow and evolve.
Martin has a fondness for Manchester United’s Eric Cantona’s much-discussed quote, “When the seagulls follow the trawler, it is because they think sardines will be thrown into the sea”. Martin is not sure where his journey will end, but he’s sure it will be a joyful one! P.S. Having only planned to do Certificate III in Fitness, Martin started the Certificate IV in Fitness soon-after finishing to keep learning more….

Sandeep – NSW

Powering through the Certificate III and IV in record time with the help of the team at F45 Ingleburn, Sandeep has learned a wide range of valuable fitness training and business operations skills along the way.

Now he is on the way to achieving his next goal of completing nutrition certification courses and then the Diploma of Fitness.

Sandeep looks to athletes like Steve Cook for inspiration, in particular his motivational and health videos on You Tube and believes “You must be the change you wish to see in the world”….

Kylie – Victoria

Freedom and the ability to work from home and the great outdoors inspired Kylie, to complete her Certificate IV in Fitness. With the support of qualified Fitness and Pilates trainer, Jude Reynolds of Voyage Fitness, who has been in the industry 17 years, Kylie learned valuable group, strength and conditioning skills which helped in achieving her goals.

Kylie is inspired by everyday heroes, who through grit and determination have either turned their health and fitness around or achieved their sporting goals – people that back themselves enough to achieve their dreams…  Kylie is also fond of the saying – The body achieves what the mind believes…

Kerrod – New South Wales
Nothing is Impossible!

Kerrod has a keen interest in exercise physiology, rehabilitation and injury management and is looking forward to helping people come back to functional movement and more after an injury. Currently recovering from a L5S1 spine fusion himself, Kerrod is keen to use his qualification in Certificate III and IV in fitness in order to be able to offer personalised training programs.

Understandably, Kerrod is inspired by former US Olympic lifting qualifier, now Reebok Cross Fit champion, Mat Fraser’s return after a serious back injury requiring surgery didn’t stop him from achieving his training and competitive goals…
Helped along the way with the group fitness, strength and conditioning knowledge and experience provided by mentor Nigel King from King’s Fitness, Kerrod is well and truly on track to achieve his goals…

Marian – Western Australia

‘Float like a Butterfly, Sting Like a Bee…”
Having completed the Certificate III and IV of Fitness, Marian is looking forward teaching group fitness and BOOT CAMPS in her community as well as helping people of all ages be healthy and fit.
Marian developed essential communication, motivation and instructional skills alongside her mentor Maria, who she describes as passionate, energising and enthusiastic in the way she trains people. Marian is striving to achieve the same level of determination, drive and ability to get the most from people as her mentor, who loves getting everyone involved and is easy to talk to.
Inspired by her niece’s training for the Commonwealth games, Marian has utmost respect and admiration for athletes who give up so much to follow their dreams….. P.S. Marian is now looking to complete her Certificate IV in Weight Management!

Nicole – Central Coast NSW

Having earned a Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics already, Nicole obtained the Certificate III & IV of Fitness and is incorporating them together to help people reach their nutrition and physical activity goals.
Nicole was supported and mentored by Matthew Williamson, owner of One More Rep Gym (1.M.R), who has completed a Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science. Matthew believes in promoting an evidenced-based practice and sharing his knowledge to ensure his clients achieve the best possible results.
Working with Matthew, Nicole not only learned important technical skills but also essential communication and rapport building skills…..
Inspired by down to earth role models who promote looking good on the inside as well the outside and who are physically and emotionally strong and smart in business, Nicole respects athletes like Lauren Simpson and really likes the quote – “if you can see it in your mind, you can hold it in your hand…”

Alex – New South Wales

Alex studied his Cert III and IV of Fitness with mentor and qualified Personal Trainer, Liam, who is a primal movement specialist and yoga instructor, holding belts in 9 different martial arts, six of which he holds the qualifications to teach.
After completing his Certificate IV of Fitness, Alex also wants to gain a nutrition qualification as well.
Inspired by the Vince Lombardi quote, “Winners never quit and quitters never win”, Alex is also motivated by the accomplishments of a range of athletes including Cristiano Ronaldo and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Gul – Southern QLD

Gul worked towards her goal of completing the Cert III and IV of Fitness with the help of her mentor Helen (a woman who kills fat for a living we hear).

Gul’s ambition is to become a Personal Trainer focusing on functional training and bodybuilding as well as age specialised and pre and post natal training.
Gul is inspired by natural athletes who have a no excuses, straightforward approach to training and nutrition and her favourite quote is: “The same voice that says “Give Up” can also be used to say “Keep Going””.

Jodie – Victoria

Jodie started her fitness education journey with the dream of becoming a Personal Trainer and running her own business…

For Jodie, obtaining her Certificate III and IV in Fitness brought local interest in her running, small group training sessions, Bootcamps and training individual clients. Jodie found all the training support and guidance she needed to train online and found learning online an enjoyable experience.

Dean – New South Wales
Dean, a qualified personal trainer started his fitness journey in January 2016 when a work colleague, who ran boot camps, inspired him to do something a little different.
Being in the military, Dean knew it would be hard to complete fitness qualifications whilst maintaining a full-time job. After some investigation though he decided to go ahead with it and 12 months later, in spite of shifting around with the military, he was finished!
Dean obtained work experience with the qualified Physical Training Instructor at a gym at one of the bases he was at and was given a great deal of support in the initial stages of training.
Dean told us “After seeking further advice from Phillip at Fitness Institute I decided to look to broaden my experiences and started working in different boot camps, outdoor fitness classes, and aquatic classes around Sydney. Eventually, I met Dani Carr, owner of Dynamic Core Personal Training (DCPT) within Anytime Fitness Northbridge and Surry Hills (part owner). Dani completely changed my perspective on the Fitness Industry and showed me not only how to properly train and retain clients but also how to successfully run a business. I found it easy to liaise with Dani and Fitness Institute and the rest of my course was a breeze.”
“The best part about the course was that it was challenging, motivating, flexible but most importantly it was fun and has completely changed the way I train, think and talk about fitness. I look forward to the challenges ahead”.

Tara – Victoria

“Sometimes you have to run through the storm, before you reach the rainbow…”
Tara is on a mission to help people live stronger, healthier lives! Goal-focused, determined and motivated, Tara has a particular interest in helping the elderly and teaching group classes, Tara is passionate about fitness and looks forward to passing on the knowledge gained through the course in meaningful ways.
Achieving this qualification will also give Tara the ability to move in different directions and achieve her personal goals, no matter how big or how small they may be.

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