Bosu Push Ups

Fitness Institute Pushup

Written by Coryn Littler

January 2, 2020

Gym Exercises

Take your pushups to the next level and learn how to perform them on a bosu to challenge stability and core muscles with the team at Fitness Institute.

If you are struggling with push ups at the moment, it is not recommended you perform this exercise.

However, if you find push ups on toes or knees easy but cannot move to the next level, this exercise is a great way to acheivably provide extra resistance.

Start Position: On the toes (Figure 1) or on the knees (Figure 2)

To begin, place the bosu facing down and both hands on the edges for the best grip (Figure 1 & 2).

Flex the elbows to lower the chest to the bosu. Your current capabilities will determine how long to go.

Once satisfied with the depth (Figure 3 & 4), push back up until the arms are fully extended (locked out).

Remember to seek the advice of your fitness trainer, medical and/or allied health professionals, if you are new to exercise or have an injury or medical condition to consider.

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