Prevent Procrastination (& Plateaus) with Innovation! 

Written by Kristine Beissner

October 8, 2021

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One of the best strategies to overcome boredom in an exercise routine and plateauing (where you stop seeing results), is to try different equipment and techniques.

Fitness equipment has developed significantly through the years and today, there is a wide range of innovative equipment used in training programs everywhere…

Below is an introduction to four of the more common; sandbags, kettlebells, suspended fitness, and aquatic accessories as well as tips for how to start using portable exercise equipment for use in a wide range of locations….



What do they do?

Originally a form of Russian training equipment, kettlebells have been increasing in popularity over the last decade. They are essentially a cannonball with a handle – unique in that the weight is not held in the hand (like dumbbells).

What are they good for?

Kettlebells’ unique shape has some advantages over dumbbells. Swinging movements provide a fluid movement in power exercises like cleans and snatches, which in turn helps to develop power endurance.


For some examples of kettlebell exercises and techniques, refer to Fitness Institute’s training bank:


Suspended Fitness

What does it do?

Suspended fitness requires specially designed straps that allow for more variety and load variation during bodyweight training.

What are they good for?

Using your bodyweight for fitness training integrates the core into all the movements performed. Also, angling the body can either increase or decrease the load and this progresses or regresses the intensity of the movement.

Refer to Fitness Institute’s exercise bank for tips on how to perform suspended exercises:

Aquatic Fitness Equipment

Pool Fitness Equipment


What does it do?

Equipment used in an aquatic environment can be assistive or resistive:

Assistive pool-based equipment is used to help position yourself in water, e.g. cuffs, vests, belts, kickboards, dumbbells.

Resistive equipment increases the drag to adds load to your movement, e.g. boots, gloves, paddles.


What are they good for?

Water-based exercise has a range of uses from decreasing pain, swelling and muscle spasms, to providing support for loss of range of motion, weakness, limited endurance or injury-related, restricted weight-bearing. The resistance and assistance provided can also increase strength and core stability without putting additional stress on joints.

Sand bag Training


What do they do?

Sandbags are a functional training system utilising “soft” (but tough) weighted equipment used for functional resistance training.

What are they good for? 

Training with sandbags teaches stability for general conditioning, strength for specific conditioning, and power for performance conditioning. The sand insert and short length allow for rotational power development which feels very different to traditional weightlifting.


More tips and examples of using innovative equipment can be found on Fitness Institute’s website:  

Recommendations to adding innovative equipment to your workout:

  1. Before starting any exercise program it is important to seek the advice of exercise and medical professionals
  2. Chat to your qualified personal trainer or instructor for help with exercise programming tips
  3. When using any equipment for the first time, follow all manufacturer’s instructions
  4. Be sure you have developed a base level of strength and fitness prior to integrating new techniques into a training program

More information can be found on the Fitness Australia website: 

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