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Graduate Spotlight – Taryn Hanson

Written by Kristine Beissner

May 14, 2021

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Taryn Hanson

With the support of qualified Personal Trainer and mentor Kylie Pitt from the Fitt Pitt, Taryn has learned how to design and deliver a wide range of exercise training programs and techniques.

Taryn has now completed the Certificate III and IV in Fitness and is on her way to being the kind of fitness trainer that inspires others and helps people of all ages believe in themselves and reach their full potential….

We recently caught up with Taryn and asked about her study experiences with us…

What initially drew you into the industry?

I have been teaching pole fitness for six years and antigravity yoga/pilates for 3 years and love everything about teaching…. so I started focusing on my fitness outside of the studio.

I started Bootcamp with my mentor Kylie and her energy and passion for what she does is next level so I quickly fell in love with group fitness.

Not long after starting classes with Kylie, I decided I wanted to further my training and become a group fitness instructor, which is when I found Fitness Institute.

What did you most enjoy most about the course?

I loved creating kids’ programs and I have worked with children for a long time, so this was second nature to me – it was so much fun working with children.  

What advice would you offer to students striving to finish?

Simple… Never give up, if this is truly what you want…. go for it!

There will be hard times/subjects/etc. and you may not think you will get through the course but stick it out – when that final congratulations email comes through, you will be so proud that YOU DID IT!!!


Thanks so much Taryn, we wish you all the very best on your Fitness Journey!

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