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Student Spotlight – Maria Parenti

Written by Kristine Beissner

December 23, 2021

Students | Testimonials

Interested in a fitter, healthier & stronger version of herself in body and in mind, Maria is a Primary School Teacher that enjoys making learning fun for kids through games. She had been thinking of doing a personal trainer course for the last 18 months after being frustrated by not being able to gain full control of her fitness activities and career options.

Inspired by her son who was always living what he loved doing and having it in the back of her mind, Maria started by buying a bike and regaining control of her fitness.

Maria’s main interest is with kids fitness, but after being inspired by our own fitness instructor and VIP Mentor Debra Lord, Maria has developed a keen interest in helping motivate over 50’s to develop a fuller, more energetic life. Maria’s online Mentors at Ultimate Results Training in Townsville have provided a vast array of experience as well for practical placements and assessments. 

We wish you every success Maria, you are an inspiration!

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