Exercise as Medicine…

Written by Kristine Beissner

June 12, 2020


Exercise as Medicine

Exercise changes your mind, mood & attitude!

Late 2019, Fitness Australia released the results of an industry business member survey, which listed “Exercise is Medicine” at the top of a list of 12 hot trends for 2020!


Fitness Institute is proud to be able to support the Sport, Fitness, Recreation and Weight Management industries by training qualified and knowledgable Exercise Professionals and Weight Loss Consultants.

Placing preventative health as such a high priority is good news for those who already understand the link between exercise and wellbeing and a confidence booster for those considering starting a fitness program soon to reduce the impact or ward off chronic disease and boost immunity….

It’s also encouraging to see so many the medical and allied health professionals coming together to prescribe physical activity as part of a patient’s treatment plan for chronic diseases, weight management and stress reduction.

Our physical and mental health are only enhanced by movement and regular exercise is a vital and often underestimated tool for building a strong foundation for wellbeing and ensuring healthy aging…

Top 12 Fitness Trends 2020


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