Collaboration, Innovation (& quiet Celebration)

Collaborate & Innovate

Written by Kristine Beissner

September 8, 2022


In a year that’s testing everyone’s endurance, strength and agility, Fitness Institute’s project management department has been in overdrive, implementing upgrades to learning and support management systems, designing and launching the new fitness training package and laying the foundation for a suite of new and updated short courses for professional development including:

…. with updates soon to be released for current courses:

  • Group Exercise Leader
  • Nutrition Essentials for PT’s
  • Kids Fit

There was also an opportunity this year to expand the VIP student support program and welcome Personal Trainer and Dietitian Shay Castillo to the support team to help our students with their study questions!

While there’s still plenty to do this side of 2023, we’d like to take a moment to reflect and send our appreciation to those who have supported us through a time of great transition, so from A to Z we’d like the thank the teams of:

Axcelerate for introducing us to an amazing LMS and app!

Evolation Learning and Chris Gribble for validating our new learning materials.

Fitness Institute HQ for energetically launching the hugely successful “get it done”  days to help students achieve their qualifications sooner.

FI’s accomplished Trainers, Assessors and motivated, committed students, who help immensely with the development and quality of our training programs.

Mealzee for supporting us with the development of our Essential Nutrition for PT’s course.

Strand Fitness for welcoming our students and providing fabulous locations for our filming.

Todd Brodie of Industrie PT and Technogym for helping with the launch of FI’s NSW F2F courses.

Universal Fitness Parramatta for supporting FI’s Sydney PT courses.

ZeeFi Study loans for providing our students with flexible, simple and affordable payment plans

ZipLeads for introducing us to a new way to meet, greet and support our students!

There are always obstacles to overcome, but this is what makes achieving every. single. achievement, that much more rewarding, (and worthy of a quiet celebration), before powering on to the next project!

Hats off to everyone, as we could not have done it all without you!

Stay Inspired!

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