Carly Allen – living the dream!

//Carly Allen – living the dream!

Carly Allen – living the dream!

Personal Trainer and Business Owner of Infinite Fitness

I truly am living my dream right now! Living in paradise and doing something I absolutely love.  I grew up in Auckland until I was 12, good old Dad thought it was a good idea to get out of the city to the bustling metropolis of Ngatea, where I completed high school. I moved to Whitianga when I finished school and lived here for a couple of years doing reception and admin and thought it was time for a change and moved back to Auckland, this is where my journey with health and fitness began.

I started at a recreation centre as a customer service representative and fell in love with training and fitness, I knew that this is what I wanted to do and this is what I was meant to do. As most Kiwi’s do, I moved across the ditch to try my luck in Australia, to Townsville in tropical North Queensland, where my Mum lives. As soon as I arrived I landed a job at a brand new gym as a sales manager and started a personal training course with Fitness Institute.  Everything fell into place during and afterwards with my positive attitude and outlook. I lived in Townsville for nearly 2 years, when a fantastic opportunity came about to do what I love and travel the world! I applied for a personal training job on board a cruise ship and got it! I flew to Canada where I started my adventure on board. I traveled though the east coast of Canada, Europe and the Caribbean.

And here I am now, back in what I call home and paradise – Whitianga.  What makes me different? I actually care about you and your individual goals, I’m realistic and most of all I am normal! – I’m not bikini model or body builder and I’d would be lying if I said I have never struggled with weight and body image issues, believe it or not I was that fat girl growing up who used to wag PE! I’m just a normal person who just loves to exercise and stay as healthy as can be. Check out more at Infinite Fitness.

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