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10859NAT-Certificate IV in Weight Management
SIS50215-Diploma of Fitness





18 Months





Since 2009, Fitness Institute has coached, inspired and empowered trainers Australia Wide!

The Diploma of Fitness qualifies students to deliver innovative exercise programs and specialise in Fitness Business management. You will be able to mentor a team of fitness professionals in business and technical skills.

This qualification is a pathway to a diverse range of careers in Sports, Fitness and Recreation centres, aquatic facilities, community fitness, outdoor training zones as well as business ownership.

Graduates will also secure 20 CECs with Fitness Australia (or 5 CECs per Unit of competency).


  • Advanced Trainer
  • Health Club Manager
  • Fitness Service Co-ordinator
  • Team Leader
  • Business Owner

Business Units

Management Skills developed in this qualification include marketing and sales, business analysis, financial management, budgets, project work,
recruitment, performance management and team development.

  • Accounting principles, cash flow projections, emergency management and improving cash flow
  • Conducting interviews, preparing job descriptions and recruiting team members
  • Managing a team of people and preparing performance improvement plans
  • Preparing project management plans and using a range of project management tools
  • Performing a Risk Audit and implementing Risk Management strategies

Advanced Training Skills

Advanced Training Skills developed in this qualification include developing and delivering Advanced Strength and Conditioning training techniques, Health Promotion Activities and Injury Prevention strategies.

  • Perform advanced exercise sessions with real world clients and athletes with specific sporting goals
  • Understand Anatomy and Physiology to the level required to deliver advanced exercise programs with a deeper understanding of the effects of injury, aging and disease on the body and how to accommodate them
  • Conduct and evaluate advanced exercise programs using principles of program design, and progressed anatomy and physiology knowledge to support delivery of functional, effective and safe exercise programs

Certificate IV in Weight Management

Our Certificate IV in Weight Management will qualify you as a
Weight Management Coach, Weight Loss Consultant or Health, Wellness and Nutrition coach.

  • Conducting individual and group consultations
  • Basic Physiology and Anatomy
  • Motivate teenagers and adults to achieve their weight management goals
  • Nutritional Principles
  • Assessing of Customer Needs
  • Analysing mindsets and the effect of behaviour modification
  • Networking and working alongside medical and allied health care practitioners



Fitness Institute’s World Class Trainer brings together the Certificate IV in Weight Management and the Diploma of Fitness to create a dynamic set of impressive, universally recognized qualifications designed to open up a world of possibilities and take your career to new heights!

Elevate yourself to fitness, business and weight management mastery and transform your clients and your career!

Becoming a World Class Trainer earns you the ability to work at the very top levels of the sport, recreation, wellness and fitness industry!

Graduates are also eligible for CEC points with Fitness Australia – 20 for the Diploma in Fitness and 15 for Certificate IV in Weight Management).



Formal Entry requirements to the World Class Trainer are:

  • SIS50215 – Diploma of Fitness
    • Hold a current CPR and First Aid Certificate
    • Have held the Certificate IV in Fitness for at least 1 year with experience.
  • 10576NAT – Certificate IV in Weight Management
    • Be over 18 years of age
    • Have achieved a minimum year 10 level of education
    • Have a minimum of three years employment or volunteer experience in
      working within a customer service environment
    • Meet the requirement for working with adolescents (13-17) in the relevant Australian State / Territory OR advise you do not intend to work with adolescents (13-17) but have been advised of the requirement should you choose to do so later.
    • Have the ability to use computers, to email, send and write word documents,
      scan files and to use a basic spreadsheet
    • Have a high level of language, literacy and numeracy skills – sufficient to interpret research documents, prepare written reports and prepare a weight management plan including numeracy requirements for weights, measurements and times.


    • Covers additional support for the Diploma of Fitness Program Stages
    • 20 Scheduled 30 minute outbound calls with a Fitness Professional
    • Extensive feedback on assessment items
    • Video observation and feedback of practicals
    • Students with limited access to industry support and guidance or who need help with assessments due to course Learning, Literacy and Numeracy requirements are recommended to add the VIP Support pack
    • Only an additional $990
      • ACCELERATE with VIP – $6,230 for VIP Paid in Full ($3,230 First payment + $3,000 second payment)
      • FREEDOM A with VIP – $7,230 for VIP Investment Plan ($90 weekly payments)
      • FREEDOM B with VIP – $7,230 for VIP Investment Plan ($180 fortnightly payments)


      PROGRAM STAGES - SIS50215 – Diploma of Fitness - Advanced Personal Trainer Units

      SIS50215 – Diploma of Fitness – Advanced Personal Trainer Units

      • Fitness Stage 00 – Getting Started
        • HLTAID006 – Provide advanced first aid (obtained externally)
      • Fitness Stage 01- Evidence-Based Practice
        • SISFFIT028 – Apply evidence-based practice to exercise program
      • Fitness Stage 02 – Health Promotion
        • SISFFIT027 – Conduct health promotion activities 
        • HLTPOP014 – Assess readiness for an effective behavior change
      • Fitness State 03 – Injury Prevention
        • SISFFIT031 – Implement injury prevention strategies 
      • Fitness Stage 04 – Advanced Programs
        • SISFFIT030 – Instruct advanced exercise programs
        • SISXICT001- Select and use technology for sports, fitness and recreation work
        • SISSSTC301A – Instruct Strength and concerning techniques
        • SISSSTC402A – Develop strength and conditioning programs
      • Fitness Stage 05 – Anatomy & Physiology 
        • SISFFIT029 – Apply anatomy and physiology to advanced personal training
      PROGRAM STAGES - SIS50215 – Diploma of Fitness - Business Units

      SIS50215 – Diploma of Fitness – Business Units

      • Business Stage 01 – Managing Budgets
        • BSBFIM501 – Manage budgets and financial options
      • Business Stage 02 – Recruitment
        • BSBHRM405 – Support the recruitment selection and induction of staff
      • Business Stage 03 – Managing People
        • BSBMGT502 – Manage people performance
      • Business Stage 04 – Marketing
        • BSBMG510 – Implement and monitoring marketing activities
      • Business Stage 05 – Project Work
        • BSBPMG522 – Undertake project work
      • Business Stage 06 – Managing Risk
        • BSBRSKS01 – Manage risk
      • Business Stage 07 – Communication
        • COCOMO 2 – Use communication to build relationships
      • Business Stage 08 – Professional Practice 
        • HPRP 03 – Reflect on and improve own professional active
      PROGRAM STAGES - 10859NAT – Certificate iv in weight management
      • NAT10859001- Work effectively in the weight management industry
      • NAT10859002- Apply principles of psychology, mindset and behaviour modification to weight management
      • NAT10859003- Develop meal plans in consultation with clients
      • NAT10859004- Make exercise recommendations for weight management in consultation with clients
      • NAT10859005- Undertake initial weight management consultations
      • NAT10859006- Undertake regular weight management consultations
      • NAT10859007- Design, plan and deliver weight management clinics for groups
      • NAT10859008- Work collaboratively with networks
      • BSBCMM401- Make a presentation
      • BSBCUS402- Address customer needs
      • BSBSMB403- Market the small business

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