What’s Holding YOU back?

Written by Coryn Littler

March 11, 2020


Author: Kristine Beissner – Fitness Institute’s National Training & Compliance Co-ordinator

No time, no motivation, no support, no confidence, too busy, too weary, too unfit, too unsure, too young, too old…. yes, we can find many reasons to prevent us from working towards something we really want to do in life…

But there’s a difference between a reason and an excuse. A reason is an explanation. An excuse is a justification.

The key is to determine which of the two YOU are using… because a reason you can’t do something can be considered a learning experience that can be overcome or worked around – an excuse… not so much….

Throughout my fitness career, I’ve heard may reasons why people hold back from learning more about their health and fitness and being in a position to help others do the same…. If a full, part time or casual role in Sport, Fitness and Recreation is something you’ve been thinking about for a while, I’ve put together some of the more common reasons we hear it won’t work, as well as some food for thought…

If you think you can’t have a long term career in the fitness industry, the reality is: well, yes, you absolutely can…. I know this because this has been my experience and that of many others I know.

If you wish to check out my previous blog about where my career in fitness has taken me, you can find it – HERE.  

If you think only the extroverted and physically gifted can be successful in the sport, fitness and recreation industrythe reality is: being people focused, with a measure of fitness, is definitely an advantage, so really, there’s room for everybody who wants to be here.

Even though my natural skillset is task focused and analytical, I’ve been able to maintain a career in this vibrant, social, fast paced, ever-changing industry, in a range of roles that allowed me to utilise my strengths and learn so.much.more.

No matter our natural strengths, what we don’t know, we can learn. In my experience, we’re all good at something and we all have the ability to be positively inspired and support, motivate and guide others to succeed in their professional or health and fitness goals.

Everyone’s goals are different. Some are striving to change their body shape and others are looking for wellbeing, mobility, flexibility, comfort, happiness, knowledge, a sense of community, work/life balance and/or quality of life.

And everyone is motivated in different ways.

If you think age is a factor, the reality is: I’ve worked alongside successful instructors of 16 to 60+ years of age and let’s face it, social media is a great source of positive role models of all ages…

I have to admit though, that after 30 + years of teaching group fitness, I’m not as full on or as driven as I used to be and a nerve injury early 2019 had me re-thinking my training. But whilst I believe there’s many others more suited to teaching the high intensity classes I enjoyed when younger, I’m still confident in my ability to teach and train others…

If you think your options and choices are limited when working as an instructor or trainer, the reality is: a career in fitness is one of the most social environments you will find yourself in…

Being a Fitness Instructor, Trainer, Mentor and/or Coach would have to be one of the best professions for networking because you get to meet and work with lots of switched on, motivated people as well as form so many personal and business connections and align with a great many allied health professionals.

In addition, the skills developed in sport, rec and fitness are just as appreciated in a great many other industries.

And if you think things are different now… the reality is: technology has changed, job requirements change, fashions have changed but the need for movement and knowledgeable, committed and caring exercise professionals hasn’t.

I can honestly say (and stats serve to support this), that the overall amount of career opportunities in the Sport, Recreation and Fitness industry is increasing.

Today, we can specialise or generalise and choose from an ever growing range of career paths.

And besides, knowledge, qualifications and professional development is now at our fingertips!

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