Uni-Lateral Leg Press – Hammer Strength

//Uni-Lateral Leg Press – Hammer Strength

Uni-Lateral Leg Press – Hammer Strength

Machine:   Hammer Strength Uni-Lateral Leg Press

To begin, place both feet on the designated platforms. Feet should be roughly shoulder width apart with toes pointing out slightly or forwards.   The knees will be bent to begin the repetition (Figure 1).

Fitness Institute Leg Press

Extend the knees, pressing through the heels until the legs are straight (Figure 2). Ensure you keep soft joints (knees) to avoid injury.

Pause, then flex the knees with control back to the starting position.   It is recommended you hold onto the handles throughout the movement.

Fitness Institute Leg Press

Using the muscles in your chest, bring the weights together till they are touching. Repeat for as many desired reps. Control the weight coming back down again.

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