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Diploma of Fitness = Top Priority Industry Skills!

Written by Kristine Beissner

January 2, 2020


Good news for those studying the Diploma of Fitness!

Not only is the Diploma of Fitness qualification highly sought after by Registered Training Organisations delivering fitness qualifications for roles such as Presenting, Training and Assessment, the Australian Industry and Skills Committee (AISC) recently highlighted several “top priority” skills required across the Sport, Fitness and Recreation industries – many of which form part of the SIS50215 – Diploma Of Fitness training package.

The Australian Government’s Training.gov website describes the Diploma of Fitness as a qualification that ensures graduates have obtained specialist skills that allow them to work independently,  implement current, evidenced-based approaches to strength and conditioning and injury prevention as well as recruit, manage, mentor and support a team of fitness professionals with business and technical skills such as marketing, sales, business analysis, time and financial management.

It’s important to note though, this qualification has evolved over the years and not all Diploma of Fitness courses are structured the same way. Whilst core units remain the same, elective units can vary as they can be chosen from a range of training packages at the discretion of the training provider.

The AISC report on Industry Insights on Skills Needs included industry and occupation specific skills, like an awareness of:

  • sports governance, drugs in sport and integrity in sport

Such as those contained in: SISSSTC301A  – Instruct strength and conditioning programs 

Highly sought after skills and knowledge also included:

  • Mentoring and Presenting ability
  • Understanding of diversity and inclusion, harassment and discrimination legislation

Such as those contained in:

Other skills and attributes identified in the forecast for the fitness sector were:

  • Communication and social intelligence
  • Virtual collaboration
  • Customer Service and Marketing
  • Management and Leadership
  • Learning agility, information literacy, self management and adaptability
  • Organisational skills, energy, time management and relationship building
  • Thinking critically, system thinking and solving problems

Such as those contained in:


All the above units and more are contained in Fitness Institute’s Diploma of Fitness…

You can see more about Fitness Institute’s Diploma of Fitness HERE.  

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