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The value in a Diploma of Fitness!

Written by admin

March 11, 2020

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Recent Diploma of Fitness graduate, Peter Brandt has over 15 years’ experience in delivering education and training as well as running his own business…

As Peter relies on his training and business experiences to help others with personal and professional development in areas such as business skills, computing, commerce and mind-body techniques, he is always striving maintain currency in Training and Assessment, management and business.

The Diploma of Fitness served as a valuable refresher course for Peter’s management and business skills just as much as the course helped with learning more about advanced strength and conditioning techniques and injury prevention.

As well as maintaining his role as a Technician and Competency Assurance Specialist and running his own personal training business, Peter also helps Fitness Institute as a Guest Presenter and Assessor of many Certificate III and IV in Fitness subjects as well as providing valuable input into FI’s compliance requirements such as moderations, validations and the continual improvement of training and assessment materials.

What attracted Peter to the Fitness Industry initially was the ability to help people of all ages achieve their goals by training smarter, not harder.

As a Martial Arts instructor of over 20 years, Peter coaches people aged 3 to 65 in Kung Fu and credits his experiences in Martial Arts as having helped him find the motivation and discipline to complete his fitness studies.

In 2017, Peter graduated with a Certificate III and IV in Fitness, going on to commence and complete the Diploma of Fitness in 2019.

With such unique skill-sets and valuable sport, recreation and fitness knowledge and qualifications, we thought we’d take the opportunity to ask Peter to share some of his thoughts and experiences around completing the Diploma of Fitness… 

In Peter’s words…..

“I have definitely gained more knowledge and experience through studying the Diploma of Fitness.

Completing this qualification formalised and refreshed my years of personal learning and practical experience in business.

I’ve learned about the latest, most up to date fitness practices and information technologies, so I can keep moving ahead with my fitness business….

I not only learned a lot about how to design and deliver more advanced exercise programs to individuals and groups, I was able to study with the guidance of allied health practitioners and learn more about helping people with a range of medical conditions as well as supporting clients with specific health related fitness objectives and goals….”