Student Spotlight – Tom W.A.

Written by Kristine Beissner

April 29, 2020


A career in health & fitness – changing lives for the better!

Having recently completed the Certificate III and IV in Fitness online, we took the opportunity to ask Tom what he learned and enjoyed the most about his studies…

Having always enjoyed being a part of the sport and fitness industry, Tom counts AFL, Basketball, gym, cricket and running amongst his favourite things to do.

With the goal of completing the Cert III & IV in Fitness as a stepping stone to a Bachelor of (Sport) Science + Bachelor in Commerce (specialising in sport business) Tom is now looking forward to getting started as a PT and having a positive influence in the lives of those looking to get fitter, faster and stronger.

Throughout the course, Tom enjoyed learning how to train and perform Olympic lifts correctly and avoiding injury, with the help of Personal Trainer and mentor Coby. He also found one of the most beneficial parts of obtaining his qualifications was the practical industry experience, as this provided the opportunity to keep an eye out for jobs and make valuable industry connections…

Inspired by the many other successful trainers who continue to make their goals a reality, Tom’s philosophy is simple – “I will make it, maybe not immediately, but absolutely and definately…”

Fitness Institute W.A.

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