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Student Spotlight – Jodie Bright

Written by philip

November 9, 2020



Jodie is currently studying her Certificate III & IV in Fitness!

Her ultimate Fitness Career & Qualification Goals are to absorb all the knowledge she can within the Fitness Industry, and help people reach their goals and full potential. Her long term goals would be linking in with the NDIS program to provide help to carers of people with disabilities and show them that their health and mentality is just as important as their loved ones they are caring for.

“If it doesn’t CHALLENGE you, it won’t CHANGE you.”

” I aspire to be like Emily Skye. This woman is very real, she isn’t afraid to let people in her life and witness the struggles that every women lives with during pregnancy and after. She is an amazing inspirational woman.”

We can’t wait to see where your fitness journey takes you Jodie!

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