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Come to the next level with us and be inspired!

Fitness Institute’s Diploma of Fitness has been developed by Advanced Trainers for Advanced Trainers.

 This is continuing education designed to lift, challenge and reward you!

The Diploma of Fitness qualifies students to deliver advanced exercise programs and is a pathway to a diverse range of careers in Sports, Fitness and Recreation centres, aquatic facilities, community fitness, outdoor training zones as well as business ownership.

Graduates will specialise in Management and learn to mentor and support a team of fitness professionals in both business and technical skills.

Advanced Training skills developed in this qualification include developing and delivering Advanced Strength and Conditioning training techniques, Health Promotion Activities and Injury Prevention strategies.

Skills you will learn include:

  • Managing a first aid response across a range of complex situations, including community and workplace settings
  • Developing programs for those with chronic obesity, metabolic conditions, children aged 5 – 12 years, bodybuilding and hypertrophy training, powerlifting, strongman training and rehabilitation
  • Developing and delivering seminars and interventions for general and specific populations
  • Performing gait analysis and functional movement screens as well as how to implement and develop injury prevention strategies
  • Performing Advanced Exercise Sessions with real world clients and athletes with specific sporting goals
  • Developing long term training programs and use current technology, programs and applications to enhance training programs
  • Anatomy and Physiology to the level required to deliver advanced exercise programs with a deeper understanding of the effects of injury, aging and disease on the body and how to accommodate them

Management skills developed in this qualification include marketing and sales, business analysis, financial management, budgets, project work, recruitment, performance management and team development.

Skills you will learn include:

  • Basic accounting principles, cash flow projections, emergency management and improving cash flow
  • Conducting interviews, preparing job descriptions, recruiting and selecting team members
  • Managing a team of people and preparing performance improvement plans and skills matrix
  • Preparing project management plans and using a range of project management tools
  • Performing a Risk Audit and implementing Risk Management strategies
  • Conducting effective meetings and communication strategies to increase team work and networking
  • Improving marketing plans and implementing a marketing strategy
  • Preparing personal and professional development plans that enhance career and business options


To commence the Diploma of Fitness, participants will need to have held a Certificate IV of Fitness for over 12 months and have at least one year of fitness industry experience in applying these skills and knowledge.

We know all qualified Personal Trainers share our commitment to quality service, a fitness lifestyle and being the best we can be!

This qualification is perfect for Personal Trainers who want to further their knowledge in planning, conducting and evaluating advanced exercise programs using the principals of advanced anatomy and physiology and program design.

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Like you, we like to challenge ourselves physically, emotionally and mindfully every single day, believing that by inspiring change in the lives of others, we can change the world – well…. maybe just a little and in our own humble way…..

That’s why we’ve developed our very own Diploma of Fitness and invested quality time into making the content relevant and interesting and assessments easy to follow and fun to do!

Not only will you learn the secrets of how to manage a business, yourself and team members, you’ll also discover what’s required to be an Advanced Personal Trainer so that next time that opportunity you’ve been waiting for comes along, you’re ready to take it, with all the confidence and competence the Diploma of Fitness can provide!

When you’re invested, we’re invested and we’ll support you every step, leap and bound along the way!

Like Walt Disney and Rocky Balboa said “keep moving forward” and like Big Arnie says, “Come aannn…What are you waiting for?”…..

DIPLOMA OF FITNESS ONLINE – $3,850 (Save $2,140)
12 Months to complete

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DIPLOMA OF FITNESS ONLINE – $3,690 (SAVE $2,300) 12 Months to complete

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