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Sidney Willis – Outer Limits

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January 2, 2020


Certification Completed: Cert III and IV in Fitness

Method: Online

Mentor: Sam from Outer Limits

New Career: Trainer at Outer Limits

Graduated: December, 2014.


Thank you so much Philip, you have been great to me. From the start you gave me the confidence in doing the course, I do feel that you care about the success of all your students.
I really enjoyed following this course with you. I will be working with Sam in the years to come, I am having a great time working with him. I have learned a lot from both Sam and yourself during this course.
Winning the ultra race in Port Douglas made an unexpected good promotion for my career start, so I do plan on keeping heavy training for ultra running, it will make me have a good image to be able to attract more runners!

Picture: Courtesy Outer Limits.

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