Roymata Holmes – International Dancer & Personal Trainer

Written by Coryn Littler

January 2, 2020

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Family members and their devotion to a healthy life as well as the resilience and humanitarian work of Muhammad Ali are a huge inspiration for Roymata.

Relocating from New Zealand where he trained and performed as a professional dancer, Roymata’s ultimate goal is to coach at an elite level.

With a dancing career that has taken him to America, Asia and Europe, he is now working towards implementing the knowledge and skills obtained through dance and physical movement to help others achieve physical and mindful well being.

For Roymata, it’s not just about lifting weights and impressing the mirror, it’s about being able to deal with the mental stresses of life through exercise and healthy living.

We believe Roymata’s story is incredibly inspiring, so we’ve asked him to share some of his experiences with us….

What initially drew you into the Fitness industry?

As a child I was always involved in various sports and calisthenics training, it wasn’t until my teenage years where I began to take it more seriously and pursue a career in contemporary dance. Completing a Diploma of Contemporary Dance in Wellington New Zealand in 2012, lead a successful career traveling the world as a professional dancer.

This required me to be focused and disciplined and condition my body to the fitness essential for professional level dance. After retiring from dancing and returning to Townsville in  2018, it was only natural to transition into the fitness industry, where I could bring my skills back to the community.

What areas are you currently working on as personal development?
Growing up in Townsville, my family and I have always been involved with community events focusing around fitness and culture. Since returning to Townsville after being away for 8 years, I have felt it important to re-engage with the community and offer my knowledge and experience.

I assisted the Tiare Tipani Cook Island Dance troupe with their dance rehearsals performing at local community events. Maintaining my cultural links, has helped me grow personally and professionally.

I’ve also created a Kids Fit programme at Townsville Central State School after school care. When I’m not instructing at F45 Townsville Central, I teach contemporary dance with the North Queensland Performing Arts School

I have completed the Certificate 3 in Fitness and am now working towards my Cert 4 in Fitness and Level 2 in Thai Yoga Massage. These choices motivate me to further develop my personal skills in fitness training and business skills as I set up my new Thai Yoga massage studio.

What are your greatest achievements?
My greatest achievement to this day is realising my potential.

Growing up in North Queensland didn’t offer as many opportunities as the big cities. I had to leave Townsville to pursue my chosen career. Getting through 3 years of university in another country with no family in close proximity supporting and cheering me on, forced me to grow up quickly and taught me about resilience, commitment, focus, discipline and strength.

I did not see this as a hardship, rather it encouraged me to act upon my dreams. I would not be the person I am today without these life lessons.

Who are your influencers now?
My friends and family have been my main influence with decision making. Their support allows me to make clear choices. On a larger scale having influencers like artists’ Prince and athlete Mohamad Ali who shaped their careers through commitment and passion, inspires me to chase my own desire and strive for better – to break free from what is expected to be normal and create my own normal.

Are there any career challenges you have had to or currently face?
Honestly, reading and writing have not always been my strong suit. To complete my qualifications, I customise my learning strategies to fit and found I connect more by listening to audio books, Podcasts, Ted Talks and relevant videos.

This way of learning allows me to understand more than just the words.
Maintaining professionalism when working with people with diverse cultures and beliefs is fundamental to my responsibility as an influencer.

How do you master or overcome adversity or obstacles…
I try not to see anything as an obstacle – more an opportunity to learn and grow. Living a holistic lifestyle has given me this opportunity to share my story with you today. Checking in with myself on a daily basis, trying to find the silver lining to every dark cloud and focusing on positive relationships also helps.

It has been an important journey for me to understand the method of SMART goals. This has given me the insight to develop them in bigger goals.

I believe practicing mindfulness and living in the moment is an important approach to live by. This allows my mind to focus on what’s in front of me, rather than controlling the outcome. Finding time for myself to meditate and be active daily allows me to look at situations more objectively.

I remain encouraged by life when I learn from my misfortunes. We all have days where we don’t want to get out of bed or train at our best. I’ve found writing a list or having inspirational quotes stuck around my surroundings reinforce what I am trying to achieve and why I’m doing it.

Keeping myself accountable and remaining flexible in a fast-paced world is my secret to success.

Stress is always surrounding us, trying to have one over us. Making ourselves accountable to oneself, our friends, family and community can support a clear focus and intention and ultimately a happier and healthier life.

Have you any life-changing/shaping moments to share?
It’s important for me to surround myself with people that allow me to see my potential and instilling belief I can do great things – rather than having to settle for what’s expected.

We can chase the big dreams we all have when were younger. Anne Roberts School of Dance allowed me to see my potential to go far in a career which I initially saw as a hobby.

Their belief in me, sparked flames and made me realise there can be a possibility for me to chase my dreams. This insight of consciousness has since transferred towards my career in the fitness industry, working under one of Australia’s leading functional HIIT training, ‘F45 Townsville Central’ as their Head Trainer.


Do you have a business/fitness/life philosophy?
Quotes are awesome and we all need to allow them into our life – whether song lyrics from a favourite artist or rational inquiry from famous philosophers.

A quote that stands out for me is from Nike, ‘Just Do It’ campaign, very short but impactful.

To me it means don’t make excuses and not allow the mind to hold you back. ‘Just Do it’ before you start doubting your capabilities. We have the Nike logo and see a tick as an encouraging symbol. But is it?

I believe having our own quotes will define our own personal goals. Creating a mantra and surrounding ourselves with it – to allow the conversation from our mind to come into play when we communicate our thoughts to others.

What do you want the world to know about you?

What I would want the world to know about me, is that we can connect on more than one level. Giving off positive energy may allow the opportunity for positive energy to return. But other than that, I’m happy to keep working on my goals and being a role model and influencer for my community.

What advice would you give to people coming into the industry now?

The best advice I can give is, have fun in what you’re doing, have fun in this industry, make friends in the industry, allow yourself to be honest with everyone around you.

Be respectful and give off positive vibes to everyone you encounter, you never know who you may be talking too, they might save your life one day.

The right people will surround you when the time is right, we can’t force people to be our friends if the time is not right. Trust the process and surrender yourself to the universe, you’ll be surprised with how in tune you can actually be with your own thoughts.

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