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Qualified to deliver Nutrition Advice?

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January 2, 2020

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Graduates of the Certificate IV in Fitness and Certificate IV in Weight Management have an important role to play in helping people achieve lifestyle and fitness goals…..and healthy eating is a big part of this.

If you’re looking for a career pathway that helps people with dietary advice – it’s worth having a think about which qualification best suits your career goals. Qualified Personal Trainers and Weight Management Coaches both offer nutritional advice to clients and each profession has their own professional registration bodies and scope of practice.

What’s involved in a Certificate IV in Fitness?

Qualified Personal Trainers apply nationally endorsed nutritional standards and guidelines – in particular, the Australian Dietary Guidelines and the Australian Government’s Eat for Health Program to help clients with a healthy eating plan. Fitness Registration body, Fitness Australia recently put together guidelines for their members to discuss the range of ways Trainers and Instructors can help clients achieve body composition goals through healthy eating…

Training to be a qualified Personal Trainer involves learning how to individually tailor client assessments, program development, instruction as well as supervise individual and group exercise sessions. Personal Trainers consistently review, monitor and support clients during and between training sessions and specialise in delivering a wide range of strength and conditioning programs which are designed for people of all ages, fitness levels and goals…

What’s involved in a Certificate IV in Weight Management? 

A Certificate IV in Weight Management covers evidence-based nutritional advice, meal plans, exercise recommendations and psychological considerations. Completing this accredited course qualifies you as a Weight Management Coach, Weight Loss Consultant or Health, Wellness and Nutrition coach.

The scope of practice for a member of the Global Weight Management Federation, states a Weight Management Practitioner can provide clients with advice and practical solutions for losing weight or body fat. Practitioners specialise in planning and delivering safe and effective weight management programs for individuals and/or groups focused on education for permanent lifestyle changes through exercise recommendations, lifestyle modifications, general non-medical nutrition information and/or behaviour modification techniques.

Strategies include: using natural techniques and diagnostic methods treating emotional, psychological and physical imbalances of the body; testing for, monitoring and correcting muscular imbalances; advising clients on dietary requirements and exercise as well as providing support and counseling.

Like more information? 

More information on Fitness Institute’s Personal Trainer course can be found HERE.

If you’re already a Personal Trainer and would like to add the Eat for Health unit of competency to your toolkit, contact careers@fitnessinstitute.com.au  

More information on Fitness Institute’s Certificate IV in Weight Management can be found HERE. 

But wait – there’s good news for those who aren’t able to choose between these two sought after qualifications.

Many students are now opting to do both qualifications!

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