Nikou’s Story – a No Excuses approach to Study Success!

Written by Coryn Littler

January 2, 2020

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Nikou fits Martial Arts, a full training schedule, a Double Degree and a Cert III and IV in Fitness into her life, proving anything possible when you really want something!  

At 20 years of age, Nikou’s goals are to provide new and exciting workouts to help others achieve amazing results. Aspiring to be a role model that others to look up to, Nikou credits her mum’s independence, resilience and selflessness as a source of strength and inspiration…..

From a really young age, Nikou had a passion for sport, training, exercise and fitness which encompassed ballet, gymnastics, swimming, figure skating, alpine skiing, athletics, footy and soccor.

In recent years Nikou has been enjoying Martial Arts training.

Mentored by World Fitness Cartel owner/manager, qualified personal trainer, kickboxing champion and international Muay Thai athlete Dwayne Harris, Nikou is learning some of the most important aspects of becoming a personal trainer, like developing training programs, remembering everyone’s name, establishing strong professional relationships and ensuring everyone enjoys what they do!

Nikou also manages to balance her fitness and career goals with studying a double degree in engineering and commerce!

Learn more about Nikou’s fitness journey – A NO EXCUSES slice of motivation for those who may feel they have no time to study….

Learn more about Fitness Institute’s course HERE. 

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