Marian Floyd – Live as much as you can!

Written by Coryn Littler

January 2, 2020

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Personal Trainer and self-confessed “mad cyclist”, Marian Floyd, never thought she would be able to complete her Certificate III and IV in Fitness last year let alone go on to achieve a Certificate IV in Weight Management this year!

Living remotely in Kununarra W.A. and balancing the running of a business, a passion for competitive cycling and a career in community fitness requires discipline and time management.

Marian’s story is so very inspiring, so we’ve asked for her to share some experiences and thoughts with us…

What drew you to the fitness industry?  

My main influences would be my parents – they were both workaholics and never exercised. As a consequence, their health suffered and this made me change my life – so I didn’t go down the same path…

I like to show people you can change, no matter what age – as I have over time.

I’ve been interested in the fitness industry for a long time. One day, after a holiday, I came back and told hubby, “that’s it I’m going to study and do what I enjoy doing……so I then started studying.”

I love exercising and enjoy the idea of helping others with their exercise and health. I’m keen to show it’s not a chore and that it’s enjoyable and possible to make part of your life.

Now, my group of clients drive me towards helping them get results for them – I’m inspired by their results.

What are your greatest achievements?

Even though today I believe I am a very strong, determined person that won’t give in (just ask the family), this has not always been the case. As a child, I felt unsupported and unmotivated as I was partially deaf until I was 8. I had a lot of trouble with reading and writing and was criticised about this.

But I have grown…

These days I run a successful business with my husband, who is my main driver and supporter.  

I am also very driven to succeed in competitive road cycling and am proud of what I have done – I often ask myself, “can an old duck like me still do this?”, but I won 3 medals in the Alice Springs Masters Games in 2016, so it is possible…. and I am competing again in October 2018….

I strive to see obstacles put In front of me as a challenge, not a problem.

This excites me and gives me the drive to succeed – I tend to be very stubborn and will not give in until I have succeeded.

 I do thrive on challenges and deal with obstacles by dissecting them and working out what needs to be done to overcome them and what angle to approach them from.

Are there any career challenges you have had or currently face?

Whilst they say life is not easy, life is what you make it – it’s important to do what makes you a whole person.

Most of my life I have run engineering workshops which is very male-dominated. The fitness industry is a major change of career and I am so out of my comfort zone.

I will soon be relocating to a small farming town in SA where people are currently traveling 40+ km to go to a gym or do a workout and I’m looking forward to helping people of all ages stay active..

What advice would you give to other trainers coming into the industry? 

 I think as you get older you realise life is to short and we need to live it as much as we can.  

The fitness industry is for people of all ages!

My strategies for business are…

* Find out what people want

* Keep up with the trends – (not just what you like/think)

* Never give in

* Assess, evaluate, move forward

* and of course ENJOY what you are doing!

 I feel it’s important to find your own teaching technique as you are who you are and not someone else – doing what makes you feel strong and successful is key!                                                                                                       

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