Leg Press – Hammer Strength

//Leg Press – Hammer Strength

Leg Press – Hammer Strength

Machine:   Hammer Strength Liner Leg Press

To begin, place both roughly feet shoulder width apart on the platform.   Press up through the heels and unlock the safety levers (Figure 1).

Fitness Institute Leg Press

From here, slowly flex the knees until you reach 90o with control (Figure 2).   Pause, then extend the knees with control back to the starting position.

Once finished, lock the safety levers at end of set.

Fitness Institute Leg Press

Classification of Exercise:

  • Compound

Major Joints:

  • Knee Joint
  • Hip Joint
  • Ankle

Major Muscles:

  • Quadriceps ( Vastus Medialis / Vastus Intermedius / Vastus Lateralis / Rectus Femoris)
  • Gluteus Maximus
  • Gastrocnemius and Soleus

Joint Action During the Concentric Phase:

  • Knee Extension
  • Hip Extension
  • Ankle Plantar Flexion

Using the muscles in your chest, bring the weights together till they are touching. Repeat for as many desired reps. Control the weight coming back down again.

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