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Kipping Pull Ups and Box Pull Ups

Kipping Pullup

Written by Kristine Beissner

January 2, 2020

Gymnastics Movements – Pull Ups | Strength Exercises

A Kipping Pull up is an efficient way of getting from point A (the bottom hang) to point B (Chin over bar), altho it does require some co-ordination. This movement is a much faster movement and is less pure than the strict pull-up.

Great Kipping Pull-ups start by mastering the Kipping Swing – learn some tips on how to achieve this with the team at Fitness Institute.

The Kipping Swing needs to be mastered first to ensure hips and head can be moved back and feet forward in one action…

…then in the opposite direction, as seen below.

Once you have the swing mastered, move on to the pull up which happens after the hip hyperextension on the Kipping Swing. To do this, use the momentum from the hips to drive yourself up until you have your chin over the bar.

The next stage can be the toughest learning phase for those who have only done strict pull ups before. It involves pushing yourself backwards from the bar as seen below. You need to bring your body onto an angle so when you fall down to full lockout position you can then start a swinging action again.

You should then fall back down with feet starting to then move backwards into the hyperextension part of the kipping swing.

Box Pull Ups

You can scale the pull up by adding a box.

In the full lockout position, keep your heels on a box, adequate to suit your level. This may take some trial and error.

Next, launch up to the bar reaching the standard of chin over bar. When you come back down to the box, you can increase the level by going down with an eccentric, or count of 2 or 3 seconds.

Remember to seek the advice of your fitness trainer, medical and/or allied health professionals, if you are new to exercise or have an injury or medical condition to consider.

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