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In a world where information is at our fingertips and events are changing daily, if not hourly….it’s hard to know what information to believe…

There’s no doubt there’s a great deal happening very quickly and we’re living through events that have the power to change our perspective, our habits and our daily routines ….

It’s good to see there’s lots of credible information online to help us navigate, stay up to date and aware of what’s happening, as it’s happening…

Social media is such a great way to distribute and obtain information quickly….

But….. this comes with the risk of information overload and a range of conflicting advice being received….

So how can we determine what’s right?  

The search for credible information, starts with asking yourself about the motives behind the authors…

Applying a little critical thinking whan scrolling through your news feed can help reduce stress, help you gain control and make informed decisions…

Ask yourself:

  • Do studies, experts or research support this information?
  • Is the source reputable, knowledgeable and/or reliable?
  • Does what you’re seeing and reading make sense?
  • Is the information presented factually and not emotionally?

The team at Fitness Institute recommend asking these questions of all media sources at this time and as well as checking in with the information and resources provided by Health and Fitness Industry Association Fitness Australia, as well as the World Health Organisation (WHO), some of which appear below.

These websites are credible sources of relevant, valid and evidenced based media releases, links, videoes, references and info graphics.

The WHO website also has a page dedicated to mythbusting

We would also like to take the opportunity to wish everybody safe journey through these challenging times….