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It’s Fitness Institute’s Tenth Anniversary!

Written by Kristine Beissner

January 2, 2020


Fitness Institute Celebrates Ten Years! 

That’s 120 months, 522 weeks, 3652 days, 878600 hours, 5258880 minutes and 315567360 seconds of helping people Embrace the Opportunity, Boost their Skills and Make the Change to a fitter, healthier lifestyle and career!

Time sure flies when you’re having fun, taking action, keeping moving and getting stronger! 

From very humble beginnings, Fitness Institute has grown from offering face to face courses in the local community to include online delivery of Fitness, Health and Well being qualifications nationally.

Over the years, Fitness Institute has created a unique brand, developing a significant amount of its own promotional, training and assessment materials… all whilst expanding its offering from Certificate III and IV in Fitness to include the Certificate IV in Weight Management, the Group Exercise Leader Skillset as well as the Diploma of Fitness.

It all began with Dean Bodle taking a North Queensland holiday in 2005, after which he returned to his hometown of Melbourne, quit his job, packed up his belongings and drove back …. the very next month….

Four years later, Dean had opened a 50sqm personal training studio at the iconic, beach front Tobruk Memorial Pool on the Townsville’s Strand.

Seeing the need to provide educational opportunities and industry qualifications for local Fitness Instructors and Trainers, Dean started Registered Training Organisation, Fitness Institute, in August 2009.

In 2014, Philip Sherriff joined Fitness Institute as co-owner, Head Trainer and General Manager, allowing Dean to focus on and significantly expand his fitness business operations.

Having been an IT Manager and a Strength and Conditioning Trainer locally and overseas, Philip had a unique combination of skills, and this, along with his persistence and drive, proved instrumental in taking Fitness Institute through three significant phases of growth over a three year period.

Dean is the first to admit “Philip Sherriff brought Fitness Institute to a new level when he came in as Manager and co-owner. Fitness Institute would not be where it is today without his expertise in technology bringing our courses students all around Australia.”

Fitness Institute started in a small converted cycling studio with 3 staff delivering face to face courses. This studio was soon outgrown and a larger cycling studio was converted into a class room and office for 9 staff delivering face to face courses, school programs and national online training.

In 2017, the Health Hub became a reality and Fitness Institute, along with Strand Fitness North Ward and the Yoga Hub moved into a 4 storey, heritage-listed 2500sqm building on Flinders Street in Townsville’s CBD – making it one of the most unique fitness training facilities established today.

Today, Fitness Institute Headquarters occupies the top two floors of the Health Hub and Dean and Philip still work together to plot Fitness Institute’s strategic direction.

The team at Fitness Institute continue to specialise in fitness education, delivering face to face training locally and online courses Australia wide. The only difference is now, the team has grown to 20 people working from a wide range of locations.

Individually and together, Dean and Philip have achieved a significant amount in a very short time….

And what people see today as a fully established, national provider of Sport, Recreation, Fitness and Weight Management qualifications, has not come without its challenges, good times, achievements and celebrations!

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