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Improvise, Adapt and Overcome!

Written by Kristine Beissner

August 6, 2020


2020 has proven tough for businesses everywhere!  

For Fitness Institute, the challenge in 2020 has been to quickly and strategically improvise and adapt assessment, learning and admin systems to overcome any obstacles to our student’s continued study and ability to graduate!

We’re proud to say that despite the potential for setbacks, a great many motivated and committed Health and Fitness Trainers, Coaches and Instructors have been able to complete assessments and obtain their qualifications over these last six months and it’s especially exciting to see our students continue to kick goals every day!

Since the first series of lockdowns in March 2020, Fitness Institute’s support and development teams, trainers and assessors have embraced the challenge of adapting learning and assessment materials and methods constantly and quickly.

In fact, the team has been so inspired by what we’ve achieved, we’re currently in the process of re-developing our Learning Management System and course content even further!

To provide even more options for learners, Fitness Institute recently reviewed its VIP training program which allows students to submit assessments via video plus there’s good use being made of easily accessible technology such as Vimeo and Dropbox, not to mention the sense of community and support being shown on the student and alumni Facebook group.

What’s next for Fitness Institute?

No stranger to overcoming adversity, Managing Director and (we think) IT Guru, Philip Sherriff, is overseeing the integration of new and innovative methods of connecting and teaching that allow students to learn and achieve in efficient, productive ways

In response to the question of how the last few months have been, Philip said:

“I greatly appreciate our past, current and new students for seeing challenge as an opportunity – our motto, Embrace the Opportunity, Boost your Skills and Make the Change is paramount at this time.

The current program development projects we have going on at the moment see us continually improving our student experience – we want to ensure our students are ready to get into the industry because we’ve also been hearing from Sport, Recreation and Fitness business owners who are looking for more team members…”  

With the support and direction of the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) guidelines, which were designed to reduce the impact of the current situation to learners, Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) delivering VET courses like Certificate III and IV in Fitness have been able to adapt Training and Assessment materials to the current circumstances with confidence.

There’s no doubt, it was incredibly encouraging to see ASQA’s backing of training providers able to adjust their course structure, training and assessment strategies as well as make use of simulated workplace environments and technologies such as video, Zoom and Skype…

Fitness Institute’s Operations Manager, Andrew Brassil notes:

“These have been challenging times for everyone and especially those of us who are involved in the fitness industry. Here at Fitness Institute, we pride ourselves on our ability to adapt to                                          change and still deliver great quality education at an affordable price. 

Keeping on the forefront of industry best practice and responding rapidly and effectively to the safe hygiene requirements meant a large change to our course delivery. We acknowledge and thank everyone who has been involved in our course delivery and making sure our students receive the world-class quality of education we are regarded for.

We also acknowledge our students who have also risen to the challenge and continued applying themselves.”

Watch this Space!


Meet some of Fitness Institute’s current and graduating students HERE! 


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