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Have you got a Top 5 Sought-After skill?

Industry Skills

Written by Kristine Beissner

May 1, 2020


Industry Skills

In a recent skills forecast, Industry Reference Committees (IRC), identified five particular skill sets that were highly desirable by employers no matter what industry you’re working in…

The role of the IRC is to develop and review training packages to ensure they meet everyone’s needs (RTO’s, Employees, students etc.).

The five stand-out skillsets they’ve identified are:

Adaptability –

  • Responsive to changes and new technologies
  • Emotional Intelligence i.e. the ability to understand, use and manage emotions in positive ways
  • Resilience, stress tolerance and flexibility
  • Ability to self-manage

Collaboration –

  • Well developed communication skills plus cultural and global awareness
  • Service orientated, social perceptiveness and competent
  • Ability to work effectively in a Team

Analytical –

  • Critical thinking and innovation
  • A knack for creativity and problem solving
  • Ability to diagnosis, analyse and evaluate
  • Skilled at identifying, locating, interpreting and evaluating information

Digital Skills –

  • Digital literacy with industry-specific software
  • Information and communication technology skills
  • Understanding and working with automation

Industry-Specific Skills –

  • Occupation-specific skills, qualifications and knowledge i.e. technical, product and market-related
  • Understanding and use of required equipment and technology

See more of the National Industry Insight Report on the Australian Industry and Skills Committee website HERE. 


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