Hang Power Clean

//Hang Power Clean

Hang Power Clean

The hang power clean is a great Strength and Conditioning exercise for improving athletic prowess. It can be used to increase vertical leap and focuses on the hip extension. This hip extension is the most athletic movement that we can make. If you think about most sports, they use some sort of hip extension whether it may be tennis in the serve, swimming in the dive, long jump and high jump, a jump shot in basketball and the punch action in boxing also has a hip extension to generate more power.

A “hang” power clean means that we are starting from above the knees and takes out the complicated aspect of the first pull from the ground, so it is easier to learn this method first and then to progress to power cleans and later squat cleans.

The start position I am in below is a low hang just above my knees. I have a neutral head, but some will prefer to look ahead for balance.

Hang Power Clean

Below I am in the power shrug position in a double extension. After this, I would be aiming at a triple extension by also going up onto my toes for more power.

Hang Power Clean

Below I am in the catch position. A typical power clean will have me catching the bar in about a quarter squat, but technically I should be above squat depth, so in this case hip crease above parallel and below full extension height.

My elbows are up as parallel to the ground as possible.

Power Hang Clean

Below I am completing the clean by fully extending.

Power Hang Clean


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