Hack Squat/Press – Hammer Strength

//Hack Squat/Press – Hammer Strength

Hack Squat/Press – Hammer Strength

Machine:   Hammer Strength Linear Hack Press

To being, place your buttocks/back in the pad/seat provided.   Press up through the heels and pull the safety lever up (Figure 1).

Fitness Institute Leg Press

From here, slowly flex the knees lowering to the bottom of the squat (don’t allow the knees to travel in front of the toes).  Thighs should be roughly parallel to the foot rest(Figure 2).   Extend the knees with good control to return to starting position.

Fitness Institute Leg Press

Using the muscles in your chest, bring the weights together till they are touching. Repeat for as many desired reps. Control the weight coming back down again.

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