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Finding Work in the Fitness Industry

Written by Kristine Beissner

January 2, 2020


There are certainly more opportunities now in the Sport, Recreation, Fitness, Wellness and Leisure Industries than ever before, a snapshot of which can be seen on national employment website’s SEEK FITNESS JOBS , Fitness Australia’s Job Board and Healthy People’s Job Search.

Fitness Australia’s most recent Fitness Industry Workforce Report tells us that the number of people employed in teaching roles in the fitness industry, such as group fitness instructors, aqua-instructors, personal trainers, small group training instructors, older adults trainers, kids and teens trainers, strength and conditioning as well as specialist exercise trainers more than doubled between 2006 & 2016. 

And these figures are expected to keep growing! 

Further to this, there are careers in Fitness Business Ownership and Management, sales, administration, human resources, franchising, manufacturing and selling fitness equipment and services, education, training and assessing and also community and specialist disciplines, such as freestyle or Zumba.

In the Weight Management field, career opportunities are available for Weight Loss Consultants, Motivational Weight Management speakers as well as Wellness, Health and Nutrition coaches

Then there are roles in social media, online sales and services as well as marketing and public relations.

With the ACSM listing the hottest Fitness Trends in 2019 as Group Training, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), Older Adult programs, Yoga, Employing Certified Fitness Professionals, Personal Training, Functional Fitness, Health & Wellness Coaching, exercise as medicine and for weight loss, exercise apps and wearable technology, health and wellbeing promotion, workplace health promotions, outdoor activities and post rehabilitation training, there appears no end in sight to the opportunities that are available in the health, wellness and fitness industries!

Read more about the ACSM Fitness Trends for 2019 HERE.  

See more about Fitness Institute’s Fitness Qualification courses HERE. 

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