Fitness Australia Scope of Practice

Fitness Institute

Written by Coryn Littler

January 2, 2020


Our friends at Fitness Australia always do a great job of presenting the scope of practice in nice clear language. You can check it out here off their website.

For example, the scope of practice for a Personal Trainer is that they:

  • Typically work independently (may be self-employed or an employee) and may support or lead other registered exercise professionals
  • Typically practices within a fitness facility but also in a wide variety of other environments (including unpredictable settings such as outdoor locations, client homes, community spaces, workplaces)
  • Provides individually tailored client assessments, program development, instruction and demonstration, supervised exercise sessions and client reviews. Maintains consistent monitoring and support for clients (including between sessions).
  • May deliver exercise programs designed for participation by a group of clients with a mix of ages/fitness levels
  • Typically manages both business and client needs e.g. promoting and selling services, as well as delivering services.

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