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Get the best Career outcome with The Extreme Trainer Package bringing together the most sought after qualifications



Graduating with three major qualifications will help put you ahead of your competition and become a highly respected Personal Trainer

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Learn valuable nutritional information you can share with your clients to help them achieve their goals





SIS30315-Certificate III in Fitness

SIS40215-Certificate IV in Fitness

10859NAT-Certificate IV in Weight Management




18 months


Certificate III in Fitness


SIS30315 – Certificate III in Fitness

  • Program Stage 01 – Course Introduction and First Aid
    • HLTAID003 — Provide First Aid (required externally).
    • HLTAID001 — Provide Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (highly recommended)
  • Program Stage 02 – WHS and Risk in the Fitness Industry
    • BSBRSK401 — Identify risk and apply risk management processes
    • HLTWHS001 — Participate in workplace health and safety
  • Program Stage 03 – Working in the Fitness Industry
    • SISXCCS001 – Provide quality service**
    • SISXFAC001 — Maintain equipment for activities
    • SISXIND001 — Work effectively in sport, fitness and recreation environments
      • Plus 5 hours Maintenance Log book
      • Plus 10 hours Customer Service Log book
    • Program Stage 04 – Anatomy and Physiology
      • SISFFIT004 — Incorporate anatomy and physiology principles into fitness programming**
    • Program Stage 05 – Gym Instructor
      • SISFFIT001 — Provide health screening and fitness orientation**
      • SISFFIT002 — Recognise and apply exercise considerations for specific populations **
      • SISFFIT003 — Instruct fitness programs**
      • SISFFIT005 — Provide healthy eating information**
      • SISFFIT006 — Conduct fitness appraisals
      • SISFFIT014 — Instruct exercise to older clients
    • Program Stage 06 – Group Fitness
      • SISFFIT007 — Instruct group exercise sessions
      • SISFFIT011 — Instruct approved community fitness programs
      • SISXCAI006 — Facilitate groups
        • Plus 15 hours of attending group fitness classes log book

    **Pre-requisites for the SIS40215 – Certificate IV in Fitness


Certificate IV in Fitness


SIS40215 – Certificate IV in Fitness

  • Program Stage 07 – Group training and Young people
    • SISFFIT012 — Instruct movement programs to children aged 5 -12
    • SISFFIT013 — Instruct exercise to young people aged 13 -17 years
    • SISFFIT016 — Provide the motivation to positively influence exercise behavior
    • SISFFIT019 — Incorporate exercise science principles into fitness
    • SISFFIT023 — Instruct group personal training programs
  • Program Stage 08 – Deliver Personal Training
    • SISFFIT015 – Collaborate with a medical and allied health professional in a fitness context
    • SISFFIT017 – Instruct long-term exercise programs
    • SISFFIT018 – Promote Functional movement capacity
    • SISFFIT020 – Instruct exercise programs for body composition goals
    • SISFFIT021 – Instruct personal training programs
    • SISFFIT025 – Recognise the dangers of providing nutrition advice to clients
    • SISFFIT026 – Support healthy eating through the eat for health program
    • SISXRES001 – Conduct sustainable work practices in open spaces
  • Program Stage 09 – Develop a Small Business
    • BSBSLS408 – Present, Secure and support sales solutions
    • BSBSMB401 – Establish legal and risk management requirements of small business
    • BSBSMB403 – Market the small business
    • BSBSMB404 – Undertake small business planning
  • Program Stage 10 – Strength and Conditioning and Endurance Training
    • SISFFIT024 — Instruct endurance programs
    • SISSSTC301A — Instruct strength and conditioning techniques
    • SISSSTC402A — Develop strength and conditioning programs


Certificate iv in weight management

course topics
  • NAT10859001- Work effectively in the weight management industry
  • NAT10859002- Apply principles of psychology, mindset and behaviour modification to weight management
  • NAT10859003- Develop meal plans in consultation with clients
  • NAT10859004- Make exercise recommendations for weight management in consultation with clients
  • NAT10859005- Undertake initial weight management consultations
  • NAT10859006- Undertake regular weight management consultations
  • NAT10859007- Design, plan and deliver weight management clinics for groups
  • NAT10859008- Work collaboratively with networks
  • BSBCMM401- Make a presentation
  • BSBCUS402- Address customer needs
  • BSBSMB403- Market the small business

With our online Certificate III & Certificate IV in Fitness, you can reach your full career potential to become a Personal trainer, Group Fitness Instructor, Children & Teenager Instructor and a Strength & Conditioning Coach. Learn from experienced and specialised Personal Trainers, Sports GP’s, Physiotherapists, Dietitians & Exercise Physiologists.

Completing this course qualifies you start a career as a Weight Management Coach, Weight Loss Consultant or a Health, Wellness and Nutrition coach.

Our course is internationally recognised, get full unobstructed course access, set your own flexible schedule and graduate with the eligibility to be a registered & insured Personal Trainer.

Our courses have been designed to suit anybody at any stage in life.

SIS30315 – Certificate 3, SIS40215 – Certificate 4 in Fitness and 10859NAT Certificate IV in Weight Management are Nationally Accredited Qualifications through Fitness Institute (RTO 32089)

You will be allowed 18 months to complete the 3 qualifications.

If you do not complete, extensions can be purchased.

Entry Requirements
There are no official entry requirements to the Certificate III in Fitness, however Fitness Institute will require the following for our course:


  • A small level of familiarity with gyms.
  • Desktop or laptop computer (2 screens recommended for study, but not required).
  • Computer literacy
    • Able to process word documents, spreadsheets and presentation files.
    • Able to send emails and attach documents or link to web files.
    • Able to take pictures or videos on smartphones and upload to the web.
  • Year 10 or equivalent completed. Year 11 minimum if in school (note 18 + is recommended).
  • Ability to participate in physical activity or work out a suitable plan with your mentor (if injured).
  • Commercial gym membership and access to be able to complete your practicals and experience different group fitness classes.
  • A mentor with at least a Certificate IV in Fitness and relevant experience (you may use multiple mentors if you like).
  • If you believe that you may have learning difficulties with this course, please contact Fitenss Institute first on 1300 434 863 and we can advise our support options including the VIP Support Pack.
  • Covers additional support for Cert III & IV in Fitness
  • 20 Scheduled 30 minute outbound calls with a Fitness Professional
  • Extensive feedback on assessment items
  • Video observation and feedback of practicals
  • Students with limited access to industry support and guidance or who need help with assessments due to course Learning, Literacy and Numeracy requirements are recommended to add the VIP Support pack.
  • Only an additional $990
    • ACCELERATE with VIP – $5,480 for VIP Paid in Full
    • FREEDOM A with VIP – $6,340 for VIP Investment Plan ($340 First payment + $77 remainder weekly payments).
    • FREEDOM B with VIP – $6,340 for VIP Investment Plan ($340 First payment + $154 remainder fortnightly payments).

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