Meet some 2016 F2F graduates!

Written by Coryn Littler

January 2, 2020


Congratulations to our students who completed their Cert III/IV in Fitness course at our HQ campus:

Jack Campbell, Krystal Part, Mark Carrington, Kozza Smith, Stephanie Ullman & Kezza West. 

We took the opportunity to ask their thoughts about completing the course and you can see their responses below…

Fitness Institute Graduate

Meet more Fitness Institute students HERE as well as on our Online Facebook and Townsville Campus Facebook pages.

Mark Carrington – ‘Interaction with the other students. I feel I definitely learn more from the lectures as everyone has different experiences and ideas. Instructors are very approachable’.

Krystal Part – ‘The general atmosphere. It’s a fun environment with knowledgeable staff’.

Kozza Smith – ‘I have been wanting to do the course now for a few years but my sport took me overseas. I’m now home so decided to do it and I am glad I have started the course. Meeting New people, the different variety of training styles and learning so much more about the human body’

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