Testimonials for the Online and Face to Face Courses

7 06, 2016

Mark Carrington

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Mid course review 2016: What have you enjoyed most about studying with Fitness Institute? 'Interaction with the other students. I feel I definitely learn more from the lectures as everyone has different experiences and ideas. Instructors are very approachable'.

3 06, 2016

Krystal Part

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Mid course review 2016: 'The general atmosphere. It's a fun environment with knowledgeable staff'.

3 06, 2016

Adam Hamilton

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Mid course review 2016 'The mateship developed and experience and incite into the industry I've been exposed to', has been what Adam has enjoyed about the course.

3 06, 2016

Ethan Marshall

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Mid course review 2016: 'Meeting all the future personal trainers in the course and learning their goals and what motivated them to their Cert III/IV in Fitness'.

3 06, 2016

Crystal Beil

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Mid course review 2016 'I have enjoyed having the one on one experience with the teachers, as I learn better one on one'.

3 06, 2016

Emily Davison

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Mid course review 2016 'The best part I find is learning about body parts, training programs. I'm looking to learning nutrition'.

3 06, 2016

Ricky Huirama

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Mid course review 2016: 'I am currently working with Jetts Kirwan on a Traineeship which eventuated from doing my work placement there. I like the smaller gyms where you get to know people.'

3 06, 2016

Gareth Hill

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Mid course review 2016: 'Creating programs for the clients and I'm looking forward to delivering the aqua fitness sessions'.

3 06, 2016

Kozza Smith

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Mid Course review 2016: 'I have been wanting to do the course now for a few years but my sport took me overseas. I'm now home so decided to do it and I am glad I have started the course. Meeting New people, the different variety of training styles and learning so much more about the [...]

3 06, 2016

Rhiannon Schreiber-Blattner

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Mid course review 2016: What has been the best part about learning to become a Fitness professional? 'Doing all the group fitness sessions. Seeing everyone's unique ideas. looking forward to advertising and Business information'.

3 06, 2016

Bruce Armstrong

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Mid Course review 2016: 'The best part of my training has been the friends I have made and the classes are quite fun. I'm looking forward to actually getting employed in the fitness industry and getting my career started.'

16 05, 2016

Kellie Poppy

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Congratulations to Kellie Poppy on completing her Cert III&IV in Fitness. We wish you all the best for the future! "Collected my certificate today, yay!!! There were so many people who helped me along the way that I would like to thank: Angie Corcoran, Julie Fraley,Ally Wiltshire, and Linda Fava for trusting me enough with your [...]

28 04, 2016

Rachel Romeo

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Well Done Rachel on behalf of the Fitness Institute. Hard work and dedication has paid off. Rachel was a conscientious student who was eager to learn and is now able to work in the industry she feels so passionate about.   2016 Graduate     Course: Certificate III in Fitness Method:¬†Face to Face Graduated: [...]

24 12, 2015

Susan McKenry

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A big congratulations to Susan McKenry who has proven that living in a remote area should not hinder your ability to become qualified into a new career. A special thanks to Lisa's mentor from Horsham, Lisa Cosson who assisted Susan in her Certificate III and IV in Fitness throughout 2015. Course: Certificate III and IV in Fitness [...]

21 11, 2015

Adam Trama

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Congratulations to our Fitness Institute Alumni, Adam Trama for setting up his new business, Tactical Fitness. Adam completed our Certificate III and IV in Fitness in July 2012 and has since gone on to become a PTI in the Australian Defence Force before moving to Sydney to work as a Personal Trainer at Vision PT "Tactical [...]

30 10, 2015

Helen Wakelin

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A big congratulations to Helen Wakelin on joining the Trainers at Genesis, Morayfield. Helen comes with a wealth of industry experience even before she became certified as a Personal Trainer with the crew at Fitness Institute. Helen brought a lot of experience to our classroom discussions, especially as a Les Mills Instructor in Pump, GRIT and [...]

13 10, 2015

Jan Finmore

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Thanks Philip Sherriff, and I could not have done it without my friends / clients, Stephen, Amy and Myra and everyone I met on the course. And what a bunch! Met some great friends on the course. If you want to become a personal trainer, I highly recommend Fitness Institute!

12 07, 2015

Tobey Martin

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A big congratulations to Tobey on completing his Cert III & IV in Fitness. Tobey took advantage of all of the work experience opportunities presented and this resulted in a job straight out of the course. He also did a strict L-Sit muscle up on his second attempt that made us all a little jealous! Course: Cert [...]

4 01, 2015

Kristy Bakker

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Course: Cert III and IV in Fitness Method: Online Graduated: December 2014 New Career:  Part Time Member Services at Strand Fitness North Shore Testimonial: "I found the online course really well presented, the videos/tutorials of the face to face class made you feel like you were learning with the whole group. The support & guidance I received [...]