Careers in Fitness

Written by Coryn Littler

January 2, 2020


A career in fitness can take you down many paths and this is no more evident than with Fitness Institute’s Careers team.

We recently caught up with Tynique, Sarah, Caitlyn and Jana to ask them what attracted them to a career in the fitness industry!

Meet the team making fitness careers a Fitness Career!

With a “live in the moment”  philosophy, Tynique believes in making the most out of what you have and living for today! With fond memories of playing grass hockey growing up, Tynique turned her enjoyment of sport and fitness towards completing the Certificate III and IV in Fitness with Fitness Institute in 2018, smashing through the course and graduating in just 20 weeks!    
“I love the motivation and passion people have in this industry….. What drew me in was wanting to help people physically and mentally and give them a better life, …I love seeing peoples faces when they see how far they have come and I enjoy reading stories about how far people have come.” 
So many people out there don’t understand how much Fitness can help with everything (mentally, emotionally, physically). 
Helping people better themselves and the people around them is what motivates me most.
“Don’t ever forget –  you’re one step closer than the person sitting on the couch!” 

Having completed a Certificate III and IV in Fitness, Jana admits to loving the great outdoors and being active, particularly if it involves hiking, bush walking, snowboarding, kayaking, stand up paddle boarding and volleyball…….but it wasn’t always this way….
“As a teenager I was the one person who would happily eat junk food and laugh at those working hard in the gym – because I was completely unaware of the importance of being active and looking after your body.
It was my struggles with mental health as a teenager that opened my eyes to exercise.
The positive effects on my mental health, the increase in energy and better quality of life was enough to inspire me to study to learn more.
My husband has shown me that nothing could ever be too hard to overcome.
Life is too short to mess around or stress – do what you want to do, find happiness and get the most out of life!”

Currently studying the Certificate III and IV in Fitness with Fitness Institute, Caitlyn has been competing in equine sports for many years. In recent times, Caitlyn has developed an enjoyment for boxing and Bootcamps and has achieved many personal and professional goals….
“My second life is in the stables. To me, a good day is one where you smell like the barn…. it is the most unpredictable and magical experience to be able to work as one with such majestic creatures.
I am of course, horse mad and have always dreamed of owning and operating my own riding school and adjustment centre.
I’ve worked as a stable hand and love watching adults and children learn to build connections with these incredible animals, then taking what they’ve learned and implementing these communication and social skills it into their daily lives….
I was never a sports kid – growing up, I tried a bit of everything, but as my mum always reminds me, I was the kind of kid that after a year of the chosen sport, I thought I was an expert. As an adult (with a bit more commonsense), I appreciate the feeling of accomplishment of completing something I never thought I would be able to do!
I had reached a point in my life where I was over not being able to enjoy the little things like clothes shopping with my friends and always getting tired halfway through dressage or show jumping routines due to the lack of physical energy.
Nowadays, I’ve become quite taken by boxing for fitness and I love encouraging the girls from my woman’s Boot camp to get all the tension out.
I believe in always trying your BEST – you never know if there’s is someone watching & thinking “I wanna be just like her.”
This philosophy relates back to my life within the equine world, where you are always looking up to someone else, but then you realise there are people doing the same to you….. it reminds me everyone can be an inspiration to someone.”

With a background in dance, cheerleading and physique competition, Sarah originally completed the Certificate III and IV in Fitness with Fitness Institute to be able to work with a cruise line as a Fitness Trainer. Now, Sarah has found a place in fitness education that allows her to help others reach their career goals as well.

“I wanted a career change and I love to be active – the Fitness Industry is rewarding to be in, so here I am now!

I do love promoting the business through social media and seeing people reaching their goals…. and being in a position to help them to achieve this.

I love that you never stop learning and that there is something for everybody.

Remembering my preparations for the INBA physique competition in 2017 and seeing the best of the best compete and sharing their journey, never fails to reignite my passion for training and working towards being the best version of myself.
I love being outdoors playing sport and trying something new but I’m also a sucker for lifting heavy things!
I believe in “progress over perfection” – it’s a constant reminder that my health and fitness journey is a lifetime subscription that will have highs and lows.”


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