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Fitness Institute’s Business Success program includes 4 Business Units of Competency. The skills that you will acquire are:

  • How to present, secure and support sales solutions within the fitness industry.
    • How to sell PT packs to prospective members.
    • How to retain gym clients.
  • How to market your gym or business.
  • How to do up a marketing and business plan.
  • How to manage the risk of setting up a business.

Many of our successful students have used this program to do up their business plans that they have used to then launch their own businesses, or establish themselves as an Independent Business Owner (IBO) who rents space in a gym.

Enrolment Steps (Call us on 1300 434 863 if you would like any assistance)

1. Select your payment plan. Be sure to ask if you are eligible for any grants first. Current discounts are listed below.

SPECIALTY SHORT COURSE – BUSINESS SUCCESS (Special $690 down to $590 contract. 3 months to complete)

  • Option 1 – $190 deposit + 4 Weekly payments of $100.
  • Option 2 – $190 deposit + 8 Fortnightly Payments of $50.

2. Create or confirm your USI and inform us of your USI in step 4.

3. Register for Free Student Insurance with Fitness Australia (if you don’t already have your own insurance registered through Fitness Australia).

4. Register for our Learning Management System. (No need to enrol in any courses. We can help with this later)

For full terms and conditions, please see our pricing and enrolment page and RTO information page.